Monday, February 14, 2011

Post: Get Ready For a Writing Avalanche!

Attention everyone! I have some rather excellent news today! No, I'm not getting published, at least yet . . .

Last week, I had the privilege to share a good portion of my latest novel with producer/screenwriter Shelley Husk. She really liked it, as in, read-it-multiple-times-in-one-sitting-and-can't-wait-to-read-the-rest liked it! She provided great feedback and mentioned a possible introduction to a publishing house after the story is finished. I'm not promising that this will be published anytime soon, but it's a shot worth taking. That's why I'm gearing up for a full-blown writing avalanche, where I'll push myself, tooth and nail, to complete the first draft by the end of April. With 7 chapters more to go, that should allow enough time for final touch-ups.

Can I draft 30k words in two months? We'll see!

And now, I'd like to introduce three new followers!

Katie Mills - known also as The Creepy Query Girl, she is a splendid writer with an informative blog that I think everyone should peek at. Good to have you, Katie!

W.B. - with a blog that will make you WOW, this versatile writer posts stories in parts. I have to say, what I've read so far is quite impressive. Kudos, W.B!

Madeline - is a teenage writer who is convinced that water has caffeine. I have no doubt that she will amount to awesomeness with her clever writing approach.

Welcome, guys! Everyone, go check out their blogs!

W.B. asked me a very good question - have I submitted any of my manuscripts? Honestly, I've only submitted three full ones in my life. Don't know how many queries I send out, over 30 I'm sure. One of them was a 6 month wait rejection while the other two were both close calls. Looking back, I'm glad for those rejections. I had more to learn. I hope my latest project shows that I have :)

Updates: Chapter 16 is done and 17 is well in the works! I found a bit of a hiccup in chapter 7, which will require some gutting, cutting, pasting and rewriting. Oh my! The goal this week is to finish chapter 17 and start 18.

For those of you interested or wish to meet up with me this weekend, I'm attending the LTUE symposium on Friday and Saturday. It's a stellar program with lots of fantastic guests, writers and artists all coming together. All I ask is - be yourself. I know I'll be.

Keep aspiring as you pursue your writing!

I'm David, and good roses are hard to find today.


  1. That's awesome, David! Good luck finishing things up! Hope to see you at LTUE. :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, David. :)

    I'm really excited to hear than a producer read through your novel and liked it!

    I hope the best for you.

  3. David, that sounds exciting! I'm sure you can write that much! *stares at water bottle* Yup! Loaded with caffeine. Drink some, and finishing that MS won't be hard. ;D Good luck with the writing!

  4. wow, congrats on the interest in your manuscript and thanks for the shout out! good to be here;)