Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aspiring Advice: When The Eyes Strain

Last week, I talked about sore wrists due to excessive writing and what to do if you're in pain. Continuing on that theme, I'd like to draw your focus on eye strain. This is a nasty issue if left unchecked, as it can grow out of proportion and develop into a full-blown syndrome (CVS), if you let it. Seriously, how much screen time are we clocking in these days? Not just computers, but LCD TVs, portable devices and the like. It adds up quick and could lead you into permanent red-eye and/or enduring headaches. Works great, for that "zombie" look! :)

Here's a few simple preventative measures:

Breaks - just look away for a while. There's many different methods out there, even software to help remind you when to "look away." Basically, if you stare at the screen for an hour, take a ten minute break.

Glasses - they're trendy, trust me. Even if you have 20/20 vision, invest in some reading/computer glasses. A very valuable asset. Wear to avoid the glare.

Pen and Paper - for the ultra sensitive (or on the go), it never hurts to carry some good old pen and paper. A writing pad won't strain your eyes like a screen will. Granted, it adds time, but the time you'll end up spending in front of a monitor will reduce radically.

These are not the rules, just advice from one who has been there. Write on, gang! Don't "strain" yourself :)

How about you? How do you avoid eyestrain?

I'm David, and compy-eyewear rocks!


  1. Those are some very good tips! And very true to.

    It's always good to take breaks every now and then when looking at a computer screen, and to sit back at a good distance as to not strain your eyes.

    I always carry a paper and pen on me wherever I go. You never know when inspiration will come along! ;)