Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aspiring Advice: When The Back Aches

Continuing our theme this month, I'd like to point out another common ailment that writers may experience. If you're like me, you're more than likely writing in front of a computer screen, typing away on a keyboard whilst sitting in a chair. Just like typing too long or staring at a screen more than you should, sitting for prolong periods of time can eventually toll you. Back muscles, back bones, back sides--they're all susceptible. Here are a few tips to keep you from feeling as stiff as a board.

Stretch - no matter what you're doing, stretching is always a good idea. Keeps you limber--keeps you focused. Pro athletes do it. Why not pro writers?

Breaks - combine your wrist and eye breaks with a back break. (I don't mean that kind of break)! That sure makes for an all-in-one combo! Stand up and walk around. Maybe do a little chore that you've neglected?

Posture - slouching, leaning, tilting . . . nah eh. Sit up and hold your shoulders back. It might feel like a pain, but your body will thank you . . . maybe even love you!

How do you prevent/alleviate your aching back?

I'm David, and pictures are made of pixels.

P.S. If you're attending LTUE this weekend, I'll be there. Feel free to stop and talk if we should cross paths!


  1. Great post David. I'm especially aware of my back right now because of my injury. Stretching is essential, and posture is very important too, not only for your back, but for your arms as well. Everything is connected in our bodies, and we can hurt our arms through slouching shoulders.
    One major thing that Western medicine neglects to tell us is the importance of good nutrition. Consuming those Omega-3s is very helpful for tendons and ligaments.

  2. I have back issues a lot from previous accidents, so I have to be careful when I write. This is great advice!

    Hope to see you at LTUE tomorrow.

    And (since I couldn't email a reply to your comment on my blog), I think blog names as your name really are awesome, but it doesn't have to be just your name. Even something like David King's Cosmic Lair gets your name right out there, along with your awesome blog title.

    Just a thought. I think it can work the way you have it, too!

  3. Hanny - you crossed my mind as I drafted this post. Back pain is never fun, so get yourself well soon. You deserve it.

    Shallee - good to see you again, and thanks! The Laire is in for some change.