Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post: About Snow and A Movie Premier

Snow. It falls white, settles as ice and turns black in the streets. Such a curious fleck of frozen water, be it flake or hail or sleet. The groundhog saw its shadow, which comes as no surprise that winter will stay for a time. In other words, suck it up. It ain't going away just yet.

Okay. Now I can cope with that white stuff outside! :)

I know. I'm a day behind in my post, but some fun goings-on has been going on in my writing lately, although it looks like my little contest never took off like I had hoped. What a downer. Ah well. If I happened to have overlooked you or if you would still like a short critique (250 words), comment or find me on Facebook. I'll take a look at what I receive through this week.

Now I'd like to welcome newcomers Damyanti, Kimberley, Cynthia and Pooh1 to the Laire! You guys are awesome to the max! I hope you enjoy the voyage.

Updates - things are sailing on the writing front here, with chapter 16 currently in the middle of its working draft. Chapter 15 has been cleaned up for its official first draft and I'll soon gear up for LTUE next week. I may just hold a different contest after that. Stay tuned.

Remember that post a while back, when I was invited to be an extra for a little film called Midway to Heaven? I was fortunate to attend its premier last week! And you know what? It's a good show! Absolutely one of the better LDS-themed films I've seen. Made my wife cry. Need I say more? There are two different versions of it, the other for general audiences (no mention of LDS culture) which is expected to release on DVD in a few months. But for now, Midway to Heaven is in theaters throughout Utah. And yes, it stars Michelle Money from The Bachelor. Here's a trailer to pique you further -

I'm David, and it looks warmer outside than it is.


  1. Great review David! Thanks, Shelley

  2. Don't you just love the snow? :P

    I'm glad to hear about your progress. Have you submitted any of your manuscripts?

  3. Any time, Shelley :)

    W.B. - a good question. I'll answer it in my next post on Monday.