Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Sauce: LTUE Thoughts - Part I

What a day! Writing conventions/symposiums are an incredible resource for learning the craft and making new friends who share the same passion as you. This is my third year in attendance and the information that the panelists provided continues to be invaluable.
I love meeting new people. Rocks my world!

In advance, thank you panelists!

Thoughts that stuck out to me:

A good point was made about appearance. An author's name is an author's product. Appearance and the way you treat others provide a picture and an atmosphere to your product--you! The lack of an impression (or causing a bad one) can come back to haunt you when you take that next step to publication. Decide how you want to present yourself (clothing/hair/etc) and be in uniform whenever you leave the house, even to the store. I may have to reconsider wearing those novelty Tees . . .

What separates age markets is internal conflict. In Middle Grade, the internal conflict is simple. In Young Adult, it's more involved, even complicated. In Adult, they are more set and their paths are defined.

If someone wants you to write a book for them, based on their idea, you'll want to be sure of what they will give to a collaborative effort. Ideas are cheap. That someone shouldn't get 50% for an idea alone. 

There will be more tomorrow. Expect the blog to change, too. I am not sure when, but it will.

I'm toying with a new blog name. What do you think?

I'm David, and a soft pillow is calling me.

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