Monday, July 26, 2010

Post: Chaos in my Cosmos

I know what you're thinking--you haven't written a single post in two weeks! For once my co-worker is right. I am a slacker, but I do have a few good excuses, though. The chiefest among them being a strange creature that invaded our bedroom, a tiny little monster that makes its home in beds. I speak of terrifying bedbugs. Nasty little things. The infestation wasn't severe, but it was irritating enough having a new bite or three each morning. So we decided to bomb our room with a fogger, designed specifically for the little bloodsucker. Oh I hate things that suck blood: bedbugs, mosquitoes, vampires, clocks, you name it! After the bombing, we had to wash all of our clothes. Everything. That takes time. Then there was a holiday and much family gatherings, an engaged brother in-law, a swamped work-load, and the prospect of having to move out much sooner than anticipated, thus causing me to look at all the stuff we've gathered in the last five years. I'm thinking about a yard sale. As you can imagine, this has put a damper on achieving my personal goals, which includes writing.

Update: I know! Chapter 11 isn't done, but it's less than a page away from being so. The moment I'm done here, I'm going to finish it and nothing is going to stand in my way until it is finished! On top of that, I've altered my personal goals so I can write a chapter a week until this book is complete. It's been in the works for too long. Everyone I've shared it with so far loves it and they want part two. Time to focus and get to work.

Once again, I apologize for not staying on top of this blog and withholding advice. Just so you know, if I don't write something, I more than likely am spending time with my family or something of some significance.

I'm David, and the pencil sharpener works!

Note: See! A couple hours later and a working draft for Chapter 11 is done! Now to reread it, edit, and polish. I honestly can't wait to start Chapter 12 now.

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