Monday, July 12, 2010

Post: Writing Out of Order?

Incredible. Here I am, trying my darnedest to move chapter 11 along, and my muse has impressed me to write the very end of the book. Normally I write in sequence when I put a story down in the computer, with some detailed outlining of future events on the side, but this time around, the story wants its ending first--a complete rough draft of it! When you think you're in control of your work, you're really not. The only conclusion I can make is that some foreshadowing from early on may have some problems. Perhaps I need to experiment to see if my payoffs are going to work or not. Payoffs. That's an idea for this weeks advice!

This last week was a busy one. Again. I don't know when I'm going to have a relaxed week anytime soon, so I can't promise that chapter 11 will be done in the next few days or so, but I have a few pages down for chapter 20-something. That will help near the end. July is one of my busiest months of the year for reasons that I don't wish to disclose. Don't worry. It's legal. My expectations for new pages are lower than normal. It's not fair. Nothing would make me happier than to sit in a library all day with my laptop, typing away for hours and be paid for it. But alas, I have to prove my worth and profitability first. I like a good challenge!

Nothing new in The Dragon's Heart department. I'm still waiting to hear word if the manuscript will pass along to the next hand. I know it needs work, and this is a long shot, but I'll take any chance that's given to me.

Now, has anyone done a garage/yard sale before? I'm thinking of downsizing on a few things but I've never tried to host one before. Suggestions? Tips? Warnings? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for looking, fellow web-hoppers. Check back later this week for Aspiring Advice for the Aspiring Author.

I'm David, and the sprinklers work.

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