Monday, August 2, 2010

Post: Forward Moving

Another busy weekend and another fulfilling week leads me to the beginning of August, the final month of summer. I love summer and all, but seeing as Autumn is my favorite season, I don't mind the time passing. What I have to share this week is inconsequential, most likely irrelevant, but in any case, desired to be shared.

Over the weekend I saw a movie that I think would be important for any writer or artist to watch, a Japanese animated film called Whisper of the Heart. It's an unremarkable film because there's nothing extraordinary about it, as if the events could happen anywhere to anyone. But the message it carries, for those struggling with what to do with themselves and how to pursue their dreams, is a real and heart-felt eye-opener to the possibilities. For any beginning or struggling writer or artist, I recommend this film for your viewing enjoyment and inspiration.

Update: Chapter 11 is . . . DONE! That's right. Done - and Chapter 12 is five pages in. The final chapter has a great skeleton set up for later, too. My block has finally come to an end, folks, writing wise. Now, if I can just convert some of that energy towards my advisory column, I'll be back in business. There will be a column this week. Guaranteed. It's just hard to stay focused when a baby is on the way. Have I mentioned that yet? If not, it's true, I'm going to be a father again. YAY! The pressure's on to finish this book before the due date!

I'm David, and elevators have buttons!

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