Monday, January 11, 2010

Post: All's Clear

Finally, the yucky illness has shown signs of retreat, giving back my mind and lung capacity. Now my brain can receive the much needed oxygen that it needs in order to keep my thoughts clear and focused. Maybe those cinnamon buns at IKEA helped, or was it the humidity at the aquarium? Either way, it's high time for some serious writing and revising this week.

Update: Collaboration: Chapter 4 ran into a bit of a snag. Mike found a problem with its second half, to which he is right, not that the story is flawed by any means. We're going to take a different approach to the same end. Half of that rewrite is finished and should be done today. Heck. All of chapter 4 should be done before the day is through. Once that is so, Chapter 5 will be next on the hit list. If I keep this up, one chapter a week, whether editing or drafting, this novel will be finished before summer. Can't wait for that day to come.
Forerunner: No word on the Writers of the Future contest entry that i submitted, but it's too early to know just yet.

I'm looking forward to my critique session tomorrow. They're currently in the middle of chapter 2. Have a fantastic week with whatever you're up to. Know that you can do it!

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