Thursday, January 7, 2010

Word Rouse: Hop

Two things, for those who are following along. 1) Not every word I'm going to highlight will be a huge one that's suitable for college age readers. Simple words need their fair share of attention too. 2) In an effort to give myself more time to write in the mornings before work starts, I'm going to limit Word Rouse to once a week. Check back on Wednesdays for more words and ways to use them.

You've heard of jumping. You've heard of leaping. You've heard of bounding. Hop, on the other hand, is the more playful of these words, but it shares a similar meaning in a couple of instances. There are actually four different usages for Hop.

1) verb: to ride on, jump over, move with a short leap or a series of leaps, a description of "going somewhere", to take a trip by air, or go about to do something.
2) noun 1: A short trip, a flight, a dance, or a brisk jump.
3) noun 2: A dried pistillate catkin, used to create a bitter flavor in malt liquors
4) transitive verb: To flavor with hops

There you have it. If you have some writing to do, you'd better Hop too it!

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