Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Half-Way Point: 40k Words

When you sit down and start something, it's a given that if you ever reach the "half-way" mark, you have gone beyond the "point of no return". If this happens to be a novel, that's even better.

Chapter 8 of the collaboration was completed much faster than anticipated, which leads me to announce that chapter 9 is almost done as well, bringing the rough draft beyond the 40k Word mark. The motivational block has finally moved aside. It sure feels good to be on fire. It's like going over a hill, or a hump, or a candlestick, whichever you prefer, though I don't know why you'd go for the candlestick. Haven't we learned enough from Mr. Jack B. Nimble? Fire from within is something that I recommendation to everyone, but not external fire. It's not good for your skin. Just ask Mr. Nimble, and send him flowers while you're at it.

After a month's absence I was able to attend the Orem critique group again, still small with a meeting of three, but it was a pleasant experience. I love meeting new authors and reading their work. They, in turn, seemed to enjoy the first chapter of my collaboration, with a few minor suggestions to enrich the story even further. Pressing engagements will prevent me from attending the Writer's Group meeting in Provo this evening. In advance, I'm sorry that I'll be gone. I'd like to be there, but I can't. Have fun without me, but not too much. Okay?

Updates: Middle of chapter 9 and hopefully I'll start work on chapter 10 over the weekend. That's about it. Not much news to go on. I do plan to reread my short story Forerunner and have another group proofread the tale. I've been meaning to send this little suspense/horror/psychological thriller story to the Writer's of the Future Contest for almost a year now, but the novels have taken over. If that tiny MS comes back clean, I'll send it off. I must remain vigilant if I am to do anything with my words. Something must always be out there for consideration.

School is back in session, so keep your noses clean, kids. Those dust bunnies are murderous.

See you again next week, whoever you may be, anonymous readers.

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