Sunday, September 6, 2009

Falling into the Groove

First I want to say, welcome to September!

September: A promising and dreadful month. If you are still of schooling age, this month chimes for you the bells of school. A wanted and unwanted occurrence, depending on the child. For the adults, it's time for the weather to cool down, but it's not cool enough to light the furnace yet. As for me, the Fall season has always been my favorite. Not because my birthday rolls around this time of year, or because I'm not in school anymore and can say "HAHA" (in my mind) to the kids walking to school (to which I then realize that those kids have it better than I do as I back out of my driveway, headed for work), but because of the color and the beauty that the season brings. One can only hope, in the Fall of their life, it will look and feel just as beautiful.

Updates: Chapter 9 is finished and chapter 10 has started. Moving right along. Also, I stumbled upon something that I never knew about until I watched The Universe, a series on the History Channel that I own and finally got around to watching. Quantum Fluctuation. It's a bit of a HUGE concept that even I do not fully understand yet, but this theory may be the key to resolving the problem behind all of my science theory flaws in the Sci-Fi Trilogy that I wrote as a teenager, years ago. Wait. Years? Did I just say that? Oh boy. I think my age is showing. Anyway, with a little study, this may be the theory that I need to revive and rewrite that 400k word monstrosity. We'll see.

Little to report on this week, friends. I will keep working hard and avoid the street leeches as best as I can. They're pretty harmless, if you're not made of metal.

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