Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And A Few Ice Cream Bars Later...

I have news to share about The Dragon's Heart.

I received an email from Heidi Taylor of Deseret Book (Shadow Mountain), stating that they are not in a position to pursue the project. It was a very wonderful email, nonetheless. They acknowledged that I have spent a lot of time and energy on it, and that the manuscript was discussed with many in the department and their review board. It was like reading my Scholastic rejection letter all over again, but with more subtle praise behind the words. I hope. The only question is, what am I missing? What is not in the story that should be there? Will I ever find it?

It would seem that the state of the economy has truly affected everyone. That, as the email stated, was the main reason why they could not accept it; fewer slots to fill and more submissions than ever. Considering that this is only my 2nd rejection, I handled it quite well, even though Shadow Mountain was my first choice. I experienced that initial denial phase, followed by sadness, questioning if I'm wasting my time, and then a bit of ice cream to soften the blow. I felt more confident after a good night's sleep. With numerous projects yet to complete, and an ever growing fan base that continuously haggles me for new material to read, I know that it is only a matter of time before this Aspiring Writer transforms into an Established Author. Having said that: "Writers, roll out!"

Thank you, everyone, who has read The Dragon's Heart, who continue to make it a story worth sharing.

Updates: Chapter 8 of the Collaboration is almost done. We are behind schedule, but hurriedly trying to catch up. Our deadline is Christmas. Also, we discussed some of the technicalities of the authorship, since the other partner involved doesn't actually write any of it. He provides the outline, ideas, editing, and overall direction. It is his story, after all, but I'm writing it. All of it. We've successfully resolved this tiny dilemma in a way that will clearly tell others that it's his story, but my words. M. R. Jensen's "Title" by David Power's King. Any thoughts? I know I'm being a snood for not telling you what the title of the story is, but Mr. Jensen has requested that we not divulge the title until the first draft is completed. My Alpha readers, however, know all about it. Lucky!

Now for the approach. My wife is planning to reread The Dragon's Heart soon with a fine toothed comb, so, if we happen find anything that might improve the manuscript, we will improve it. Then the query letter process will begin, unless I can Network my way into another House. Three times the charm, right?

Have a fantastic week, ya'll. I'm sorry for not keeping this blog updated weekly on the dot.

"Consider this a rectified habit." - Untitled Project

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