Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, loving, adorasious wife (I know, I made up that last word). On this day, four years ago, I was stuck with a fork...I mean, married. Yes, married, and it has been the best four years of my life. So many accomplishments, lessons, and new aspirations have surfaced in that time, as we continuously help one another become the best that we can possibly be.

No words can say this as succinctly as...
I love you, JoAnna.

This weekend is bound to be a nifty one, which will include a kick and a jump to the only real water park in Utah...for only 5 bucks! It pays to work for the State, sometimes.

Last weekend was fun as well. A surprise invitation via Facebook informed me last week that a book signing would take place not too far from where I live, and I happened to have a couple first editions sitting on my shelf. So we went. We took the whole family. The signing was for Lisa Mangum's debut novel, The Hourglass Door, which is a really, REALLY good book. If you like a good Teen read, this one's up your alleywagon. Lisa also happens to be the editor who is currently in possession of The Dragon's Heart. She has it, but she has not had the opportunity to start yet. It is a relief to know that my Manuscript is still in her possession and that she's looking forward to taking a look soon. I hope that you enjoy it Lisa.

While at the signing, I also saw James Dashner (The Maze Runner), and Clint Johnson (Green Dragon Codex). They are local authors who really know their stuff. Good to see you guys again!

Updates: Finally! Chapter 7 is DONE! Mike was worried that the chapter would not turn out well, but he really liked what he read. REALLY liked what he read. He has taken it to the committee, so it will be a matter of time until the next step in the process approves of the new chapter or not. That leaves me with chapter 8 to start working on. I know just how to start it!

Take care friends. Think highly of others, for others think highly of you.

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