Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ruins, Fire, Ice, and Petrified.

Apologies for two weeks of no posts, but my precious time had other matters to take car of first. You know, bills, touching up, bills, a chapter 5 to wrap up, more bills, but the most exciting of all was the packing of my bag. Having said that, greetings from Gallup, New Mexico!

This year's annual summer vacation has taken me to many new sights and experiences that has both enriched and enlightened me in quantumly immeasurable ways. The best part is that there's four days left. More to enjoy! So far we've been to Mesa Verde in Colorado to visit the ancient cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloans. Here's one of many ruins that we saw there.

Next stop, The Land of Fire and Ice, an extinct volcano and a neighboring ice cave. After that, a petrified forest in Arizona. I have to say, spending some quality time with family in these remote and desolate places is not only fun, but inspiring. Let's just say that future writing projects now have a landscape to go with the stories in my head. More to come as the trip unfolds, and a new chapter 6 is in development, being written during these long stretches in between.

Got to love the tiny notebook!

And the stars are incredible. Makes you pause to wonder what we're all here for.

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