Monday, June 22, 2009

1/4th of the way done.

Greetings, friends.

I'm please to announce that my first collaboration novel is a quarter of the way finished. About another 60k words to go. YAY!

The rest of my Four Corners vacation was a blast and a bang, in some respects. However, in Canyon De Chelly, AZ, we had planned on horseback riding into the canyon. Note: I was thrown off a horse when I was six and I have never been on a horse again since. Well, I cast my fears aside and mounted a very good looking animal, however, I sat on my hand wrong, bending my knuckles the opposite way, and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I Hate passing out. Hate it. But I landed in such a way that no serious injury was inflicted. A bump on the side of the head, a bruised shoulder and hip. I could've broken an arm, or worse, my neck, falling off a horse like that. Anyway, I'd like to thank our guide, Gabrel, for rushing to my aid and dowsing me with water. Now, to put this experience into a novel...

I'm back at work now with a few things to take care of, but nothing that I or my co worker/collaborator can't handle. This week: Working on chapter 6, which is already 2k words in. Looking good. I just can't wait to share this story when it's finished. It shows much promise.

Get your shoes on. We're going outside!

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