Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brew Me A Storm, Would'cha?

As storm clouds roll in, my mental clouds have parted. Now the writing can finally continue.

Much of this parting had to do with forcing myself to do a few things that I normally wouldn't do, like, wash all the windows in the house. I got to tell ya, it was quite a pane, but it was worth it in the end. Now we can see outside our house. To celebrate, I took my wife and son to a local waterfall and enjoyed a yummy picnic lunch. Another helpful hand was Joshua Perkey, who entrusted a portion of his novel for me to proof. I must say, it's quite epic! He received a generous offer from a publisher to help him find the right publisher for his book. What a rare opportunity. I'm really excited for him! That, and it inspired me to hop out of my slum. Thanks a million, Josh!

This week: I plan to catch up on my work and finish chapter 5, which several of you are waiting impatiently for. Don't worry. The wait will be worth it. Get some tissues. You'll be crying with laughter.

I'm looking forward to a free lunch this afternoon. I hope the weather permits. It's dark outside. The lunch is outside. I'm not fond of soggy lunches.

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