Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brain Cloud

I think I may have one of those Brain Clouds. You know, that weird condition that's portrayed in that one movie, Joe vs. the Volcano? Not entirely sure. I may have to ask for a second opinion.

This last week has been exceptionally busy. Oodles of work, little to no free time at all, and the house needed (and still needs) some serious uppaging. Yes. I made up that word. Copyrighted. Five cents every time someone says it. All proceeds go to charity. S.W.A.N. The Starving Writers of American Novelists.

Now for something more serious. This weekend I had a blast fixing a broken window sill and going to the CONduit convention on Friday, to which I met a new array of friends and celebrated Paul Genesse's book launch for The Dragon Hunters. That was fun. Saturday, I traveled south with the Fam for the Scandinavian festival. I wrote in the car on the way, but the new material felt forced. However, the authentic meatballs cured that oversight. After a relaxing Sunday, I took a Memorial Day drive in the mountains. Nothing like clean mountain air to clear things up.

And now, back to work with even more oodles of things to take care of. I'll be lucky to do any writing at all, but that won't stop me. I have to make the time! Adios, sleep!

We're still waiting to hear from Shadow Mountain to see what they think of The Dragon's Heart. As soon as information becomes available, I will post it. Until then, keep those squirrels busy.

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