Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Running on Fumes

I'm pleased to announce that I have not purchased a single drop of gas during the ENTIRE month of June. Go me! But, seriously, my car is running on fumes now. It's time to fill'er up!

I wish I could say that there is more going on in my life other than writing, working, being a good husband and father, in-law, son, brother, friend, and collaborator, but if I did, it would be all filler. Life is in a good balance at the moment, which is the perfect medicine for getting back to the keyboard and typing away. I wish to thank everyone who has and continues to believe in me and the words I group together. You are my inspiration and motivation. Life has been relatively kind to me, bestowing unique bouts of wisdom and moral guidance that I feel is important to share, and through fiction, I can present them to others in an enlightening and hopefully entertaining way. Thank you all again!

Still awaiting word from Shadow Mountain about The Dragon's Heart. It has been two months since I pitched and submitted my manuscript, but, I have plenty more to write as I wait.

This week: Chapter 6 continues. We have nearly reached 4k words and it looks like it may be 6k words before it's finished, making it the longest chapter so far in this collaborative work. Which is okay, I think. It's an important chapter. Lot's of information that needs to be, umm...unraveled! That's a good word to describe it. At the moment, I am drafting, what I think, is the coolest magic scene that I have yet to write, and it involves a loom. You know, a machine that you weave fabric with. It's right up there with the Harry Potter "moving paintings" kinda cool.

Looking forward to this 4th of July weekend. Hopefully I will not break my new diet on too much grilled goodness. Yes, I am dieing...I mean, DIETING. That's what I meant to say. Dieting!

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