Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bugs and Slugs

Getting a bug makes you feel like a slug.

Since Thursday, I've played host to a nasty virus that's placed me, my wife, and son out of commission for the last six days. Nasty stuff. I don't recommend it. Taking care of one family member is hard in and of itself, but the whole family unit? Lately we've been calling our home "The Contamination Zone". "Ground Zero" and "Infection Control" were already taken. Darn copywrite laws. This has put a damper on my writing, as you can imagine, and I have piles of things to take care of when I go back to work. I'm actually looking forward to it. Working at a hospital is a tricky business, since I can't afford to spread my germs around, you know?

Before this plague hit, I was able to finish chapter 4 (4k words) and started 5, but I haven't touched Word in almost a week now. Can't promise chapter 5 will be done this week either. Lot's of stuff going on this weekend. CONduit convention in Salt Lake, a Scandinavian festival (a nice research op for my current novel), and I want to squeeze in a viewing of Terminator Salvation somewhere in there. Hey. I write Sci-Fi. I can't pass up a movie about killer robots! No way!

Soon I will be as right as rain. Now the question is, how is rain right? Is it ever wrong?

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