Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Guest Post: Excerpt from The Inferiors, A New Story By The Author of From The Ashes, Jessica McKendry!

Hey guys! This week I'm giving the helm to one of the Blogosphere's awesome young writing talents (and a wicked cool skating violinist), Jessica McKendry! She has a new book coming soon, of which she has graciously offered to share a sample of her sequel to her first novel From the Ashes. Congratulations on your new book, Jessica!

I'll step aside now and let you take things from here ...

*      *      *

Hello lovely people! I'm really very excited, because in a week or so I'll be sending my second novel, The Inferiors, off to my editor! The Inferiors is the sequel to my debut novel From the Ashes. After that, I'll make a few changes and then I'll be self publishing again, which is very exciting.

So, I'll just share an excerpt of Chapter One with you today :)

*     *     *

I stare blankly at the silver screen, but the words I read don't make sense. I reread the message several times over, hoping there has been some sort of mistake. Maybe they got the name wrong.

Maybe this wasn't intended for me.

It couldn't be for me.

Yet as my eyes follow the strokes of each letter, and the letters that form each word, no amount of lying to myself will blind me from the truth.

Jaina Indera,
You have been selected as a genetic match for Sean Maralo, 22 standard years of age. You shall report to building 21147, room 1217 at 8:00 tomorrow night for the physical compatibility test. Proceed about normalities until you receive further instruction.

I run my fingers through my hair. By the stars, what do I do? I feel lightheaded, and I realize how quickly I'm breathing. Genetic match. They found my genetic match. My heart is racing in my chest and I feel sick.

This can't be happening to me.

Not this soon.

Not yet.

The last few months are blurry. Each day lasts both a minute and a year. It feels like only yesterday we were on Virana. Oblivious to the pain we'd come to endure. The suffering.

If I hadn't entered the Trials, maybe nothing would've happened. Maybe I wouldn't have met Azad. Maybe __(spoiler)__ wouldn't be dead. Maybe I wouldn't have fallen in love.

Dragon. It's been four months on the day since I last saw him. I keep count.

It feels like a lifetime.

I look back at the silver screen and read it all again. Tears fill my eyes. I'm so confused. For so long, I thought I knew what I wanted. I had it all planned out.

But now…

I am so afraid.
*     *     * 


  1. Sounds like that's not the path she wants to take anymore.

  2. Thank you for hosting me David! And thank you lovely commenters :)

  3. Oh, my, i want to know what happens! When someone intrigues me like that, i have to follow up.

  4. Yay! Congrats Jess! I love this excerpt!

  5. Whoa, what a premise. Looks cool! :)