Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trolling Villain Competition: These Famous Bad Guys Are A' Troll'en, and You Can Vote For Your Favorite!

It's the last Wednesday of the month! Now, I normally use this day to honor a new Knight of the Cosmic Table, but with all that's gone on these last couple of weeks, I've been unable to fully keep up with my emails (in a good way) or select a candidate. And things have been so serious around here lately, I think it's time for a laugh!

Three universally famous villains are here to troll us all - and YOU get to pick who is not only the most evil, but the true trolling master!

First up is the Dark Lord, Voldemort, or, in some circles, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Let's see how well he trolls this crowd ...

Well ... that got ONE round of applause, at least (better luck next time, Voldy)! Next is the traitorous wizard, Saruman. Take it away!

Hmm ... props for sticking the landing, Saruman, but you lost points for copying Lord Voldermort, I think. You're next, Darth Vader!

Impressive, Lord Vader ... MOST impressive. You didn't even have to say a word, man of few words you! You have my vote. Now it's your turn! Select your favorite trolling villain here and win a special prize!
Hope your Wednesday is a good one - you deserve it!
I'm David, and ... don't feed the trolls. Ever! ;)


  1. Funny! I'm a man of few words, so Vadar wins for me,

  2. The first two had lovely singing voices.

  3. Vadar has my vote all the way. However, when you ask who is the most evil, I have to say Lord Voldemort.

    That's my 2 monkeys in bananasauce!


  4. Definitely Vadar. I see he has the majority of votes so far.

    Saruman is lame and Voldemort is creepy.

  5. Vader.

    (see what I did there?)

  6. Darth Vader, I wanted Voldemort but he can't win that weird act and Sarumam's performance got the deserved end of any sucky performance.

  7. I voted for Saruman's menthol-cool vocals.

  8. Ah-- always good to take a laugh break! Thank you.

  9. Vader...way scary. Seeing just the real costume in person years ago was still way scary!!!

  10. Saruman wins my vote since I think his fall to evil was greatest. So funny!