Monday, May 13, 2013

Pop Travel Cover Reveal / The Caged Graves Release!

So, about that Storymakers recap ... it's literally going to take me a week to write up this post (I took notes), so I'll have the action up this Friday. Until then, I have a new release, a cover reveal, and new members that are screaming to be shouted across the Blogosphere!

I should also mention, this is my 500th post! Celebration time!

Now, without further voodoo, I present to you the following two:
First up is the cover reveal of Tara Tyler's sci-fi novel, Pop Travel!

Private Investigator J. L. Cooper always knew pop travel laser teleportation was too good to be true. Finding video proof of a disintegrating traveler is the stomach turning “I told you so.”

Cooper can’t broadcast the video on the nosy, government monitored Qnet, so he digs around, revealing more suspicious traveler disappearances, the death of his client, and threats to his political little brother, who is in jeopardy of turning to dust anyway for disregarding Cooper’s warnings not to pop. Cooper has to do everything himself.

To stop the disappearances and save his brother he must shut down the ruthless mega corp Pop Travel International (PTI). And that means convincing Hasan Rakhi, the celebrity Creator of pop travel, to publicly admit the deadly flaw. No problem. Under constant surveillance, Cooper will have to be unpredictable, facing his fear of popping to crash a party at Hasan’s well-fortified plantation compound. Yes, the laser fences are real. As long as he survives his next pop, Cooper won’t let anything distract him from getting the job done. Not the android security guards, who aren’t as bright as they look, or even Southern Comfort in a purple dress, Geri Harper (an undercover Agent). Nothing Coop can’t handle.

Save the date - Pop Travel is coming your way, July 7th, 2013!
*     *     *
Up for creepiness? Dianne K. Salerni's The Caged Graves is here!

17-year-old Verity Boone expects a warm homecoming when she returns to Catawissa, Pennsylvania, in 1867, pledged to marry a man she has never met. Instead, she finds a father she barely knows and a future husband with whom she apparently has nothing in common. One truly horrifying surprise awaits her: the graves of her mother and aunt are enclosed in iron cages outside the local cemetery. Nobody in town will explain why, but Verity hears rumors of buried treasure and witchcraft. Perhaps the cages were built to keep grave robbers out . . . or to keep the women in. Determined to understand, Verity finds herself in a life-and-death struggle with people she trusted.

Inspired by a pair of real caged graves in present-day Catawissa, this historical YA novel weaves mystery, romance, and action into a suspenseful drama with human greed and passion at its core.

Let's have a hearty, starship-trooper welcome to our latest three newcomers! Go say "hello" while I collect their matched luggage.


*     *     *

Update: If you're fuming mad for being lead on about a Storymaker post, you gotta believe me ... it's really THAT epic - but I will share a couple tidbits. Because of the demand, Storymakers will be in Layton, Utah next year, April 24-26. I had the chance to share some work with an author, and he gave me an invitation that I would be stupid to not follow through on. For that reason, I'm book'n it for the rest of the month to get The Undead Road finished! I'll keep you posted.

Storymaker post Friday (promise) and a game review Wednesday. Until then, keep the axels greased and the swords sharpened.

I'm David, and THIS is your Unexpected Briefing ...


  1. Congratulations on five hundred posts.
    Tara's book cover is great and really like the premise. (Teleporting is always awesome.)

  2. Congrats on 500 posts. It was so great to see you this weekend and I'm looking forward to your epic Storymakers post. And of course I'm rooting for you to get The Undead Road finished. ;)

  3. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

    thanks, sir david!
    and congrats on 500th post
    and to Dianne as well!

  4. Congrats on the big 500 dude! Tara Tyler wins for best looking cover art on this post...a milestone in two aspects!

  5. The youtube video's hilarious! Especially when the man's really blowdrying his hair. Can't wait for Pop Travel. I'm proud to say I was one of the 'early fans' for this book way back *nods proudly*, Tara knows I'm crazy ready for it to arrive. Congrats on reaching 500 posts David and thanks for the shout out and The Caged Graves sounds super creepy.

    Oh and I was wondering what you thought of my decision to focus on self-publishing.

  6. Hi David .. congratulations on 500 posts - that's brilliant ... and then Tara's cover art - looks like a poster .. I love it. Then Dianne's Caged Graves - looks interesting too ..

    They had a Rugby NZ one a couple of years ago .. that was funny - this Hobbit ad .. is great isn't it .. cheers Hilary

  7. I've read about The Caged Grave. It sounds very interesting. I'll be looking forward to the recap!

  8. Hi David, thank you for the welcome. :) I really enjoyed your reviews today and will check back frequently. I also like your links to the agent blogs. Will check those out too. Great site to discover. Thanks. :)

  9. Congrats on 500 post. The transportation gone wrong is very intriguing. I wonder what was left to find. Cover looks great too.

  10. Congrats on your 500th post. And so excited for Dianne!

  11. Congrats, David, and it was so fun to catch up with you at the conference this weekend.

    I'm excited to read both of these books!

  12. Can't wait to hear about it! Both those books look awesome!

  13. Congrats on 500 posts.

    The Pop Travel cover is neat. Of course, now I have the song Pop Muzik in my head.

  14. Hi David ! sooo nice of you to welcome me on your blog :) and 500 posts?! woooh that's some hard work, congrats. And the two books seem quite interesting to me, especially The Caged Graves, Thanks again :)

  15. David, Thanks for the shout out about the release of The Caged Graves! I am excited to see the book finally out! I just want to brag a bit and share that the photo of the caged grave on the bottom is my husband's work. I'm so tickled Clarion/HMH used his photograph and gave him credit.

    Congratulations to Tara on her fantastic cover. Disintegration during teleportation -- and the industry covers it up? What a surprise, huh? :D

  16. Congrats on 500 posts. That's a lot of work. I think Caged Graves sounds really cool.

  17. I love Tara! So proud of her! And holy 500 posts... phew... epic, DPK. EPIC.


  18. Congratulations on your 500! Very successful ones, I believe, judging by your audience. And more people coming. I'll be coming back on Friday to read all that awesomeness you speak of. :)
    My best to Tara!