Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Read This: Nightingale by David Farland

Bron Jones was abandoned as a newborn. Thrown into foster care, he is rejected by one family after another, until he meets Olivia, a gifted and devoted high-school teacher who recognizes him for what he really is -- what her people call a "nightingale."

But Bron isn't ready to learn the truth. There are secrets that have been hidden from mankind for hundreds of thousands of years, secrets that should remain hidden. Some things are too dangerous to know.

Bron's secrets may be the most dangerous of all ... 

(From Goodreads)
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Welcome, bloggers and book tourers! I'm especially pleased to be a part of David Farland's virtual tour of Nightingale, his debut YA novel. And you know what? It doesn't read like a debut novel - it reads as if Farland has written for the YA market (in a closet) for years and has never told anyone about it. Secret's out, guys. This is a great novel and, if I may, probably my favorite so far this year. Here's why:

Characters - from the get go, I cared about the characters, even the ones we're not supposed to like. I really got into Bron's character and sympathized with his problems. Might I add his voice is completely appropriate for his age - not overdone, not underhanded. Glimpses of multiple POVs were given, too, all without saturating the main character or anyone else. Different and refreshing, all at once.

Prose - how can you not read a Farland book and not get drawn into his seamless, excellent combination of words (I'm gushing, I know)? But seriously, what looked like a thick book didn't feel like enough by the time it was over. I admit, it began with one of those prologues that don't necessarily need to be there, but it's still worth reading.

Pacing - an absolute must for me, and I was never bored. At the same time, while there is great action and spectacle to be had, it wasn't always in-your-face or rushed. I enjoyed absorbing the environment, the setting, the way the characters think, and the balance that was displayed here was nothing short of genius.

I'd say more, but I would end up spoiling it - no spoilers!

There's a reason why Nightingale has already won a slew of awards - it's just that good. I'll have to reread this one to catch the things I may have missed (had to speed read, but on a voluntary basis), and I look forward to diving back into the world of Nightingales and the future that this series has to offer. Find yourself a copy here!

 I'm (also) David, and this is an "Enhanced" novel trailer ...


  1. This is a new one for me too, sounds great though.

  2. David's such a wonderful writer, I'm not the least bit surprised he's done so well with YA. Hubby and I really enjoyed this book.

  3. I've seen this book around and wondered about it. Thanks for sharing your review.

  4. Sounds great, David, thanks. I'm a fan and student of Farland's (taken a few seminars). Love his Runelords series. Guess I need to give this one a read too!

  5. Wow, looks like an intriguing story! What a "trailer" too. How did they put this together? It looks really professional:) Big props:)

  6. Sounds really good. I love seeing YA books that have a male lead since I have five sons(one named David, of course). We need to get more boys reading and so many YA are girl centered.

  7. A story about secrets hidden for hundreds of thousands of years...that's pretty enticing. Thanks for your review.

  8. sounds like a powerful book! will check it out! like the blurb w/teacher brining out the hope!