Friday, March 16, 2012

Mark Koopmans' "Got Green" Bloghop: Cassidy's Deal with Desmond O'Neil

Can I say it? Best bloghop idea ever?

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I'll post early. And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. It wasn't until I was ten that I understood how much of an Irish heritage I have, with ancestors who were led to America because of The Great Famine (potato famine). My family was late in knowing this, so we never had any traditions, really.

But I have to hold up my colors somehow. After all, how else do you think I got "Powers" for a middle name?

And don't even think of pinching me. My eyes are green. That gives me universal pinching immunity, right?

So I've prepared an entirely made up story. Imagine you're in a cozy pub with a pint of whatever "ales" you and hear this tale of a man who fell in love ...

*     *     *

Cassidy's Deal with Desmond O'Neil

If you be asking a man why he's search'n for a leprechaun, he’ll often say he’s after their heaping pot o’gold. Not ol’Desmond O’Neil. He gone search’n for a leprechaun all right, but not for coin or its cauldron. It’s the heart of a leprechaun that he'd been after.

Cassidy—that’s what Desmond overheard with his last pint in this very pub. He saw her once, picking clovers on the edge of his farm. Young, fair, red curly hair—so vibrant, in fact, it be like her head was on fire!

I’m seeing your incredulous faces, now. “What business has a man have with giving his beating heart to a leprechaun?” you ask? Well … that’s where many get their stories crossed. If you’re think'n Leprechauns are men in green who gallivant with rhyming schemes, you best be pulling your head out of Hallmark cards and know that they’re not being much difference from us.

But different enough …

So Desmond goes out search’n one spring afternoon and finds the lass with a basket of picked clovers—four leafed, to be sure. And her smile? Let’s say it went to melt Desmond’s heart like butter.

“I be loving you, Cassidy,” he told her. “Can’t we be together?”

She stared at him with the greenest eyes you’d ever saw, but with a smile that faded fast. “No man ever a leprechaun been faithful,” she answered him, “unless ye prove your heart for mine.”

She made him deal: return each year with no other girl in his heart. Fifty years he'd done this. Cassidy? She never aged. Then, on his final spring morn, old and feeble with the banshee hanging over his shoulder, Desmond gone off to see the lass once more before he becoming one with the earth.

That’s the last we’d seen of ol'Desmond O’Neil. Some say he died. Not I ... An immortal’s love can make one forever young. It wouldn’t surprise me if folks be trying to catch Desmond for his pot o’gold, now ...

(333 words)

*     *     *

My attempt at the dialect might be completely off, so no offense intended. If you're interested in joining the hop, there's still time! Check out the details here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy some potatoes and corned beef. Tradition, to be sure!

I'm David, and ye best be wear'n green!


  1. To be sure!

    DPK, You rock. I loved it. You totally captured the Irish ambiance in your tale. Nice work (as always) and way to go with the triple 3! ;)

  2. Great piece! I'm feeling the Irish love!

  3. Now that's holding out!
    You'll have to do a post on your middle name sometimes, because it is unusual.

  4. Excellent writing, David.

  5. Excellent writing, David. I like your middle name a lot. And I am definitely going to pinch you, I have always been fascinated with green eyes :)

  6. How's it goin',

    First of all, the accent rocks:)

    If you were looking for country Irish, you nailed it and the voice was grand, to be shure.

    LOVED the title (even if I gggrr-ed a little when I realized Cassidy was one of *them* :)

    And a mystery solved... "Powers" I *was* wondering, and what's funny is I went to school with a David Powers.... small world.

    THANKS *so much* for entering (and promoting) the O'hop - and enjoy your cornbeef :)

  7. Oh so fun and lovely. What a wonderful tale. I love the pic of Cassidy too.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. DUDE that was awesome! I love the accent and the twist you put on Leprechauns :) I'm totally in the St. Patty's Day mood now. Can't wait for the corned beef!

  9. Aw! The story was great! Have a great St. Patty's day David!

  10. Good Irish craic! Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to see what everyone's posted for the hop.

  11. Nice work. I'm definitely getting the Irish vibes!! :D

  12. I enjoyed that very much. A nice Irish tale, indeed. Have a great weekend.

  13. Nice work, David! Have a great weekend! :)

  14. Nice - and very sad. I felt like I was in an old tavern with a big mug of ale, listening to a guy sing this and strum a lute.

  15. GREAT story!! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  16. That was beautiful - I'll believe the Leprechaun lady was finally satisfied and took him home with her, too! Thanks for a lovely love story on St. Patrick's Day :)

  17. Sooooooooooo gooooooooood! Loved it. I bow and worship at your feet.

    PS: Great to meet you yesterday. Fun stuff when authors get together.

  18. How do you do it David? Epic writing everywhere I turn! Fantastic entry and I LOVE that picture. Phenomenal! Happy St. Paddy's!

  19. Loved this one. You do write exceedingly well.
    I hope it was a happy ending for his sake, such men are hard to find.
    Enjoy your week ahead.

  20. Very good writing. I just stopped by from Mark's blog o'hop. I hope you had a good St. Pat's day.

  21. I love how you made it sound like an old Irish tale handed down.

  22. Awesome story!

    And no. Green eyes do NOT count. We met for writing group on Saturday, right? Had I also realized it was St. Patrick's day, I'd have totally pinched you!

    ... except I wasn't wearing green either. Maybe that wouldn't have been such a good idea.