Monday, September 19, 2011

Roundup: Standing With Awe--someness!

Abby Fowers  (Thumb Guy)  J. A. Bennett 

I'm going to say this now to get it off my chest. What a weekend! Loved every minute of every millisecond. I'm sure that makes sense in the space/time continuum somewhere. Right? Either that or I'm still very sleepy!

(I'm totally wearing the same shirt from my headshot)

The League of Utah Writers turned out to be one of the best writer gatherings I've attended yet. All because of the stupendous people who showed up. I was even reacquainted with an old friend, Kay Stevenson, who used to live in my hometown in California.

Secret's out. I'm a Cali-boy. Man. Thing.

And because I met so many awesome people, I didn't really have a chance to do much else. See this lady below? That's Amber Argyle. Not only is she one of my favorite blog authors, but a new favorite in our house, thanks to her awesome debut of WITCH SONG (her first printing sold out in less than a week, I might add). 18 months back, we shared a critique table. I read some of WITCH SONG then, and she read some of WOVEN. So, yeah. She knows about it. Embrace the jealousy.

And it wasn't long before Lisa Mangum joined us and set up shop for her fabulous THE HOURGLASS DOOR Trilogy. She's the most open and friendly author/editor I know. AND she captained our critique table. I smell a reunion!

And then there's Darren Hanson, who was brave enough to drive with me for over four hours and kept me out of trouble. He's also one of my critique group buds. He's responsible for that awesome new website I told you about recently. Watch out for this guy. He don't blog yet, but you're looking at the next Mark Zuckerberg. When it comes to authors that blog, that is.

I look more excited on the inside. Promise.

Wouldn't you believe it! I also sat next to Brenda Sills and ran into Ali Cross! Along with Abby Fowers and Jennie Bennett, they're like blogger legends! Jennie helped me get over my Twitter Jitters, too. Fun. Ultra supportive. Seriously. I'll just say it. We're BBBFLs (Best Blogger Buds For Life!)! So good to see you!

This, my friends, is the power of networking. Of paying it forward. Four years ago was my first convention, and I was a shy little dude. But it's people, like the above, that make the event worth while. We're here to help. You have our support. We'll give you advice if wanted.

A big hand to everyone who made this year's League of Utah Writers Roundup and rip-roaring good time!

Update: Now that WOVEN is officially handed off ...


It will go into the thermal exhaust port of one's heart or just impact the desk's surface. No matter. I look forward to the outcome. "No" is not the end of the world.

But it is the end of this one ...
(Poor Alderaan ...)

In the mean time, I get to research more contacts if "no" is the answer and start a new book. What should it be? I know! MG magic or zombies? I have a tasteful and killer idea for both of them (respectively). What's that? Zombies, you ask? I know. I don't write horror or things like that. But this idea. I might have to run with it! 

Magic or Zombies? What do you want? I can do either.

I'm David, and my X-Wing has a cup holder!


  1. Love the pics, David. And just know how JEALOUS I am you got to go. I had a work conflict, but I so wanted to be there. Isn't it fun to meet people you've talked to online?

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You know what's funny, I didn't realize Brenda was there until I saw that on Abby's blog. Wish I could have said hi to her too! Oh well, still had a great time and great friends made it even better :)

  4. Too cool. You have all the fun! I'm going to have to check out WITCH SONG now. :)

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Always fun to be around a group of talented and inspiring writers. :)

  6. Enjoyed your post and your sharing the event with us.

  7. I say write both. :)

    Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm very jealous. Especially because I know most of the people in your pictures! Wish I could've been there.

  8. Yay David! "No" is not a scary word if you take its power away, and it seems like you've successfully done that. :P Onward and upward!

  9. LOL! See, this is why I blog stalk you ... your blog is always awesome to read. The conference was SO fun! I loved it. Loved meeting all of you guys in person. And I'm so excited about WOVEN being off and away. Too cool.

    As for Zombies VS magic.... hmmm... either sounds good. Surprise us!

  10. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! It was so good to see everyone again. When you're famous, don't forget us little people.

    Will you send me your pics of us? amberargyle at yahoo dot com.

  11. Embracing the jealousy and all that. :)

  12. WOW! Pictures really are worth a thousand words! Congrats on an excellent conference. So jealous!! :p

    Oh and why not write a story about a wizard zombie! :D

  13. Great pics. Great blogger buds. Great writers and great books. Sounds like a great time all around.

    Now about this new book. I thinks Ms Saba is on to something...Hmmm...

  14. We DID have a blast didn't we?! That was an intense conference - fantastic presenters, incredible friends!
    And oh my, J.A.! I didn't recognize you over there at that dinner table! Ah, the agony - if only I had known! I would've loved to meet you in person!

    And David - I love your BBBFL brilliance! Thanks for being such a great part of making this conference awesome!

    I'm so ecstatic you have the full of WOVEN out that I'm doing cartwheels across the room! Seriously. You didn't know I was that talented did you?

    And hello, no contest here, you should definitely write about Magic!

  15. Hey, I recognize some of those people! Looks like sooo much fun, wish I'd been there to shake it up even more! ;)

  16. Awesome conference pictures! I was waiting to see if you'd pull the nerdy my name tag is a noose but alas, professionalism!

    Go with MG. According to twitter editors are crying for more MG if that helps making the decision.

  17. sounds like a great time! i'm jealous! nothing ever happens in the midwest!
    btw i have an award for you =)

  18. Hi there, Hope you are well :-) If I've already introduced myself I apologise. I can't keep up with who I've said Hi to and who I haven't. I am in your Fantasy Group. I'm just trying to catch up with everybody slowly but surely :-).
    Fab blog.
    Eve x

  19. So many familiar fun. Next time I wanna come!

  20. Thanks for posting those great pics!
    And those are Fabu folks!
    I wish I could have gone but maybe next year. I'm definitely planning on Storymakers so if you're there we'll see each other then.

  21. It looks like you had an awesome time! Great pictures. :)

  22. I'm glad you had such a great time. How about magic zombies?

  23. Sounds like SO much fun! Wish I could have been there!

  24. You are in every picture I've seen of this event. It makes me wonder if I go into my client's homes (I work for the state of utah) if I look at their pictures I'll see you. I'll point and they'll say, "Oh that's David Powers King"...

  25. I sure do appreciate all of your comments, everyone. The event was great and I wish I could have seen more of you there. There's always other events! Check my schedule tab for other places I'll be for the next year, or so.

    Michael - State of Utah, eh? So do I! :)

    I've made a decision on which story to work on. Both! Simultaneously. Let's do this thing!

  26. Hey David. Thanks for hanging out at my blog! I made an addendum to my con post. I mean I owed it to you. Owed it to you big! So here's the blurb about you in its entirety: (Psst…I think David is attempting to take over the Heist - He's suddenly everywhere.) (Okay, okay, fine. The brains behind the photo surveillance was David - that's why he's everywhere. He wanted photos with everyone & I took the op to get some of my own!)

    There you go, good man! And it's all in living color on my blog, I promise. Now everyone knows the REAL story behind the ever-present guy!

  27. Yay! I love Brenda and Abby! I'm lucky enough to have them both in my critique group! :) And I wish I could have gone to this conference. Oh well. Storymakers 2012 here I come! :D

  28. Dude ~ you have the best attitude EVER! I love it! And you are just awesome with a side of awesome. It was great meeting you!

  29. Poor Alderan. They never saw that one coming.

    Glad you had such a great time! I still haven't been to a conference yet...can't make up my mind which to go to. So cool you got to meet so many writers!

    I vote for a mash-up. Magic zombies.

  30. Yes, I too am totally jealous! Two of my crit partners got to hang out with you! (Abby and Brenda). Can't wait until next the conference. :)

  31. Great interview on Chantele's blog! The candy for pages ides is BRILLIANT!

  32. "Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking, Nerf herder!"

    Had to throw that in there. Love the update David. Keep it coming...oh and you owe your sister a phone call!

  33. Hey Dave,

    Stumbled across this post, and it was a great read (especially as I am blog buddies (do you think "bluddies" would catch on? :) with a couple of the folks you are with... which was cool to see....

    I've attended the annual Southern California Writer's Conferences in San Diego and Newport Beach (for the past one year:) and I agree.... conference's are so awesome.

    I will look out for your Utah one if I am ever living nearer than here.

    Best regards,