Monday, June 7, 2010

Returned, Unrefreshed

Back from my leave, I take a look at what's before me and see much that needs to be done. But life has a sense of humor. Though I have returned from vacation, I feel worse than when I left. Quite the opposite from what vacations are, huh? Things like that happen when you pick up a bug from out of state. So here I am, confined to bed rest with a rather nasty summer cold. I was actually looking forward to going to work today, but who in their right mind would appreciate someone like me coughing up a storm in a public work place?

Update: As promised, I didn't do a lick of writing on my vacation, but rather dreamed and though, plotted and imagined. I have a full cup now, but my mind isn't exactly clear today. It may not be clear for a couple days or more. Might I say that road trips are great for gathering cool and unique names? If you pay attention to road signs, you'll see lots of names that you wouldn't normally think of using in a story. My job this week is to get started on Chapter 11 and return to a set schedule--a chapter a week. That's the goal, but with editing, we're looking more at a chapter every two weeks. Collaborations are tougher in this regard. Both parties need to feel happy about the material before moving on. If it were just me doing it, I would have my first draft done by now. However, the first half wouldn't be nearly as good and well-thought-out without this partnership. I'm grateful for that, and my writing has improved immensely because of it.

Come back for advice on world building later this week!

I'm David, and Ricola is my friend.

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