Monday, May 24, 2010

Post: Two Week Shutdown

Good morning, Internet!

Starting the day off with a little rain never hurt anybody, unless you have a slippery front porch. I recommend going through the garage if you have one of those. I also recommend a nice herbal tea to calm the nerves--those "I hate Monday" nerves. I don't particularly hate Mondays, or any day for that matter, but Mondays are the beginning of a laborious week. No matter. I have a vacation lined up, which is why, after today, The Cosmic Laire will have no new posts for the next two weeks. I'm taking a complete break from writing--cold turkey. With any luck, this will help rewind my mind so I can come back and be as productive as ever. Also, I need to brainstorm the second half of my latest novel. A good two weeks should do the trick.I won't have a new post until the 7th of June, so don't come back until then, okay?

Update: Chapter 10 is done--chapter 11 is underway. It started a little rough, nothing that a little narration can't fix. I'm very excited to see this chapter completed, even in its roughest form. However, in planning the major plot points of the story, it looks like this novel will be larger than I thought, about 110k words--23 total chapters with a prologue and epilogue.I really wanted to keep this under 100k, but unless I make my chapters shorter than 3k words each, that's not going to happen. Ah well. I'm an epic writer. I enjoy reading big books, so I tend to write big books!

The family saw Shrek Forever After over the weekend. I liked it. Not as good as the first, but it was much better than the 3rd one. I actually got a little nervous. They had themes in there that relate to the themes of my stuff. I have to finish this book, before someone uses the element before I do!

You are awesome for reading this.
See you in two weeks!

I'm David, and shoelaces should be shorter.

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