Monday, March 8, 2010

Post: Magic and Mythology

Good morning, readers!
For having another insomniac evening, I'm quite peeped for today! There is much to get done and I'm going to do it. Why am I so peeped? Instead of hopping on the computer to play video games, I pulled out my notebook and edited until the battery died. I wish I could say it was new chapters that I was working on, but the hours that I invested may very well have added to the richness of the story, a richness that was missing. That and I think being excited for two of my all-time favorite actors receiving Oscars last night had something to do with my sudden burst of energy. Congratulations to both Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. It was an okay awards show. I like to watch the Oscars because I can't see everything that comes out, so it gives me a glimpse of what I've missed. Also, whenever I go to conventions or watch award ceremonies, I'm instilled with a small amount of envy, which I then convert into fuel, which then carries me with my own writings and creative endeavors. Nothing wrong with envy unless you are content to mire in the hole of bitterness.

Post: I can safely tell you that Chapter 7 has been read through and is in the process of finalizing, but that's not the most exciting part. Mike and I realized that, as cool as our magic system is, there were holes in it. Not just the magic, but the mythology behind the magic. When you're in the process of creating a unique magic system, there needs to be a killer back story to support it. In consultation, we have devised a mythology that is just so cool that our novel will not be content with just a stand alone. Three whole books have been planned, if not more, depending on how far we travel into this rabbit's hole, so to speak. It's a sock-knocker-off-er! That's all I can say.

Still awaiting word from Writers of the Future, two months and a week from my short story submission. That means another three weeks to go, right? I'm trying not to build my hopes up. Trying. I'm using that word a lot in this post! Stop trying, Mr. King. DO!

That's all the updates I have for now.
Expect chapter 7 to be done this week and onto 8!

My name is David, and I like breakfast burritos.

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