Friday, March 5, 2010

Aspiring Advice: Read

Where's the wise guy whose been fiddling with the weather controls? If you live in the Salt Lake area of Utah, you'll know what I mean. Yesterday I drove to work wearing a tee-shirt. It was a sunny, warm, high-energy day. By noon, a cold wind blew. By two, it hailed. By four, snow, and more snow, all night long. All morning, more snow. Clouds parted by noon and all the snow's gone.

Weather. Can't live without it, so love it!

My advice this week may seem obvious, but it's one that I have to remind myself on from time to time. Don't just write. Read. Not just one author either. If you start reading too much from one author, your writing may reflect their style. It was a bad move on my part to read all of the Lord of the Rings books while writing my second novel. If you find yourself using lineage as a means to introduce your characters to one another in a Sci-Fi setting, you've been reading too much Tolkien.

Why is it so important to read as a writer? It's essential! What's being published today is the market that readers are into. Figure out what market you're writing for and read that genre. Since I'm currently in a Medieval era fantasy mode, I've been plucking away at Shannon Hale's novels. Very good. As a means to learn more about medieval settings, her books have proven themselves to be a valuable resource. My wife keeps telling me to read The Enchanted Forest Books too. So, as you pursue your writing, remember to take time to read the works of others.

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