Monday, February 1, 2010

Post: Another Blog Change

Whoops. I missed another Aspiring Advice column.
::shakes head:: This isn't good.

Generally I go to work early to write my blog entries or do a bit of writing before the workday begins. Since I have Fridays off, I help with watching my in-law's kids and for some reason my home computer won't let me access my blog, making it difficult to get around to writing my Aspiring Advice column. I could take out my notebook, sure, but you know how young children love to get their hands on neat looking, expensive electronic devices. Disaster in the waiting.

So I'm proposing, yet again, another blog change. Since I want two mornings to focus on creative efforts, that means I must remove one of my three blog entries. Word Rouse has got to go. My Monday updates are standard and Aspiring Advice, I think, is more important to me as well as to you, the reader. You would think that after a year of blogging that I would have some sort of system down by now, but I'm still very new to the art, if you can call it that. Please don't mind the mess. Expect to see Aspiring Advice on Thursdays, henceforth.

Update: Last week I said I would start my edits for Chapter 6 of the collaboration. This didn't happen. Much time went into the editing of Chapters 4 and 5 instead. I will say that many kinks have been smoothed out of these documents and they look better than ever. Having said that, I will start on Chapter 6 today, I hope, but I can't promise that my edits will be done before the week is up. I know it needs work, but work is good.

That's all the news for this week. Short, yes, but that's the point. I want to get started!

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