Monday, November 9, 2009

A cut and A Hairshave

Nope. That's not my dyslexia talking.

A decent haircut tends to make one's head a bit lighter.
The last time I had my hair this short was back in high school. You can see the scar on my forehead. Not a lightning scar, no, but a burn scar when I glue-gunned a horn-shaped rock on my forehead to complete my Darth Maul costume. It rocked!
If that sounds dumb, keep in mind that I had eleven more rocks to hot-glue onto my cranium.
What a wasted youth.

In the course of recent days I have come to a conclusion; you're all amazing! I just wanted you to know that. The first week of this month has been a well and rough one. My wife and son caught wind of what I had over a week ago, resulting in empty tissue boxes and fevers. As you can imagine, I had to put the writing on hold until everyone at home base had recovered. While a few sniffles still remain, I am able to return to work with a remarkably low need of things to take care of. Time to make the best of it!

Updates: Chapter 5 revision is about as good as it can get for now, so I'm continuing on with chapter 6. I'm surprised, astoundingly so, by the offness of the middle chapters. The beginning is perfect, but the more I venture into the story, the more soiled my prose became. This is being ammended this week and next, so I hope to have the first half of this novel revised before the 20th. Taking a train to my parents for Thanksgiving. Can't wait for some turkey!

Pigs in a blanket? I guess they can keep the blanket.

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