Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silver Lining

I got up and prepared myself for another fun filled day at my joyous work, but as I looked in my rear view minor, I noticed my neighbor's house and some kids walking to school. Well. That's what happens everyday, but this morning was different. We have a nice view of the mountain in the east and a huge cloud crept over it. The sun fought to rise above it. As a result, I was granted with the largest, most beautiful silver lining that I have ever seen.

You've heard the term "silver-lining" before, I'm sure. The first time I learned of this expression was from the last Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows. It means "A hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficulty." Such a fitting way to say it. I took it as a reminder. As long as I hold onto hope, I can accomplishing anything that I have set my mind to.

And now it's October. My favorite month of the year. Plus it's cold enough to wear my totally rad blue/green plaid jacket. So cozy. It really helps bring out the best in my writing, for some reason.

Updates: Not too much to report. A short prologue has been added to the new novel, three pages at 1,370 words. The Committee felt that it would give the story a boost and introduce the magic/peril of the story sooner. That's always a better thing. My critique group ate it up with only a couple minor errors to point out. Awesome. I'm Still waiting on a few readers to send back their critiques on Forerunner too. If they say it's golden, than it'll be on it's way!

Oh yeah. I'll be 27 when I post again. Yay!

Start looking for pumpkins now. The big ones will be gone after this weekend.
You'll have summer squash to work with otherwise.
Boy I love October.

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