Monday, July 13, 2009

The Kids Love It

Good morning, and what a great morning it is. Warm. Sunny. Provided directions to a lost meat inspector on the way to the office. Yep. Nothing like being a helpful human being, even on the way to work.

This week's post has one theme revolving around it; young readers. In over a month of hearing no feedback, I learned that my sister had loaned a copy of The Dragon's Heart to her friend's son who just graduated from High School. He read the whole thing in FIVE HOURS and loved it. Also, I loaned a copy to a girl in our neighborhood (age 9) who read it in about four days, and said that she liked it. Little did I know that she had talked about it with other kids in the neighborhood with great enthusiasm. As a result, another girl, about her age, as well as her whole family, are in possession of my copy and eating it up like frosted flakes. Great. now I want some cereal. Also, a relative of my wife read it too. As a result, she can't wait to read more. I think word-of-mouth is spreading faster than I imagined, especially from the intended audience. Thanks to everyone who likes and wants to read my schlock. It keeps me encouraged.

News: Tapping foot patiently for the publisher's feedback on the above mentioned book. My collaborative partner is gone on a cruise for a couple weeks (lucky!), but he left an outline for the next three chapters for me. Chapter 7 has begun in full swing. Once that is done, there will be no stopping until chapter 10 is reached.

Anyone else want to see the new Harry Potter? I don't know when I will have the chance to, but it sure looks promising. The reviews are quite impressive. Have a great week, everyone!

"Give me two words to describe that hollow shell sitting on your neck, and I'll take back everything I've said" -untitled project.

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