Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ascending the Mountain

Nothing like the great outdoors to clear the mind, no?

After a tough week at work, doing what I could without the aid of a co-worker, I breathed some of that fresh mountain air at Sundance and melted into a folding chair. We built a fire and I drew up some maps for other projects. That's what I call camping. Of course, other plans had yet to be undertaken.

The next day, at 7 am, my wife and I attempted the ascension of Mt. Timpanogos, nearly 12k feet in elevation. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach the top, even though we could see the summit. Ice pack had blocked the trails, making the final climb more dangerous than either of us wanted to attempt. After accidentally sliding down one of the ice packs, we didn't want to take any chances. However, going up that mountain was an incredible adventure, surmounting a 17 mile hike, resulting in achy legs and a gnarly sunburn. It's a sight that can only be appreciated by actually going there. The mountain, I mean. No one really wants to appreciate a sun burn.

And how appropriate is it that some characters of mine will be going up a mountain soon? Very.

This week: I plan to continue the intricate process of chapter 7, as well as wrap it up before things get too busy around here. And there's the monthly writer's meeting this week. I always look forward to associating with other writing talents, share a few stories, and build up each other's motivation to stay the course on the writer's journey. No new developments with The Dragon's Heart, only that more kids in the neighborhood are reading and enjoying it.

Grab yourself a snowcone. It's hot out there!

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