Monday, March 2, 2009

A Wrench in the Works

Some things happen every once in a while that causes you to step on the brakes and focus on matters that really matter. I was so totally geared to write another 5000 words this weekend when my son had a sudden run-in with a nasty little bug known as Croup. Nasty stuff. For a moment I thought my son had turned into a seal! As you can imagine, the poor guy couldn't sleep, which meant no one could sleep. Good news though. It's Monday and we're all doing a lot better! Hooray for Chicken Noodle soup. Whoever invented that stuff should get a Nobel Prize. Seriously.

Anyway, I have quite a few things lined up this week to keep things interesting and busy. I recently submitted a three chapter sample to an editor and I should hear word back from her soon. There is also a 1st chapter contest I'm going to enter this week. Just need to polish up my entry for maximum credibility/clarity/awesomeness. I could write more, but, you have better things to do and I have books to write. If your omelet is half eaten, drink a glass of milk that's half full.

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