Monday, March 9, 2009

Twins, colds, and 4k words

What a weekend. I am today a proud uncle of twin boys! Welcome Bentley babies!

Turns out that ill business I mentioned last week has turned into a full-blown epidemic at my pad. My son was still coughing and my wife had an anvil on her nose. Poor things. I spent my three days off nursing these two back to health, and here I am at work again. How I didn't get sick, I have no idea, but I'm not wishing for it, by any means.

I do have a bit of great news to share!

I just started my first collaborative novel with a good friend of mine, Michael Jensen. Chapter 1 is done! The story is his and, together, we are weaving an awesome work. Estimated at 90k words, it should be done by summer's end, easy. I will include this in a contest that I plan to enter soon, hopefully this week. For those of you who might be lactose intolerant, who read my post last week, I don't recommend the omelet.

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