Monday, December 9, 2013

Cheersfest 2.0: Arlee Bird "Roast" On An Open Fire!

Welcome bloggers, young and old! Today we celebrate the "roasting" of a special someone, a man who has influenced the Blogosphere in above and beyond astronomical ways! And your hosts, Mark Koopmans, Morgan Shamy, David Powers King, Stephen Tremp and Alex J. Cavanaugh, The Ninja Captain himself, are pleased to "toss it out" and "serve up" this year's CheersFest 2.0 recipient: our "condolences" to Mr. Arlee Bird!

And now, I'd like to honor Arlee with a little song I wrote. The music sounds familiar, but I assure you the lyrics are not! Sit back, relax, and click on this before you read. Bonus points if you sing along!

*To see the official rules for today's "roast", please click here:

The "Arlee" Song: as made famous by Dave "King" Pow:

This one's for you, Mr. Arlee ...
Thanks for being an inspiration to us ...

Arlee's "roasting" on an open flame
Bloggers chuckling at this post
Many jokes being told for his fame
All day, cracked up from coast to coast
Everybody knows, the challenge from AtoZ
He hoped to make bloggers use their head
Typing fingers, faster than busy bees
Have found it hard to go to bed

They know that Arlee's on his way
He's a juggler of balls and bowling pins on this day
And every blogger here is gonna spy
To see if juggling dreams really do make him fly!

So I've noticed his simple taste
His brown jacket is really trim!
Although it's been said, many times, with mush haste
Alan Arkin should play him!

And I'm tossing out this simple phrase
"A post from Arlee is worth two in the bush!"
Although it's been sung, only once, on this day
Arlee Bird is ...
Arlee Bird is ...
Arlee Bird is the man!

*     *     *

Thanks for stopping by! To check out how others are roasting ... err, "honoring" Arlee Bird today, click on this Linky list below. See ya!

I'm David, and I can't wait to see Smaug this weekend!


  1. We'll be singing that one for years to come!
    Glad you felt well enough to post, David. Must've been the chicken soup.

  2. That was cute. He is a bird, so he really should fly.

  3. You are the weird Al of the writing world.

  4. Wonderfully creative and festive! An excellent roasting post indeed!

  5. *SNORT* It's a good thing I'd just finished swallowing my tea or I would have spewed all over my computer. Too funny!

  6. A song. Now that's unique. Arlee is the man. And we shall honor and roast him thusly.

  7. Wow! by far the most creative and festive handling of this roast I've seen! I know Arlee picks them but to me that's the winner!

  8. Awesome! Go, Arlee. :)

    My husband's taking all his employees (and his fam) to see Smaug on Friday. I can't wait!

  9. I'm singing it in my head right now! Love it. Hope Arlee is enjoying the roast!

  10. This song is new to me, both music and lyrics. Can you sing it to the dragon? :D I'm ready to see Smaug too. Lost cousin of mine.

  11. In library so have to sing it in my head. And my head has a guy singing it as a merry ditty with an accordion and banjo in the background. Aw the strange brain I have or as Spongebob would say "Imagination" (cue rainbow). Love the song David, sure Arlee with get a kick out of it.

  12. Good one with a lovely video!!
    Yes, Arlee is roasted well LOL
    Thanks for sharing this

  13. Very clever way of encorporating all the elements of the roast into one piece of flash!

  14. Well done, a lyrical way of roasting.

  15. But how do you know if I sang along, hmmm?

  16. What a cool way to do your entry with a song! And in my post - he does fly!! Ha!

  17. Very clever song David, and it was amazing how you incorporated all of the questions into it! Thanks for co-hosting this fun fest!


  18. I am sooo glad there was no audio to that song. Congrats to the Roastee, the Brown (Rust?) Suede Jacket Man, Arlee.

  19. I'm singing along in my head - too funny. Thanks for hosting this fun event.

  20. What a great roast! Lee is such a great guy.

  21. Love the song. It's very Lee like.

  22. I love your tribute to the Bird! Nicely done~ Yes, I sang along-

  23. I love that song...
    Thank you for co-hosting the blogfest.
    Writer In Transit

  24. Wonderful way to use a song we all know to express love for Arlee, David!

  25. I never hear that song in the same way now. Thanks for that tribute.

    Glad you got back in time to post--hope you are feeling much better. Thanks for co-hosting this fun event.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  26. I bet Arlee really soars in his dreams and sports a cape! Great song, snap!

  27. Hah! Awesome song! And I'm totally looking forward to Smaug this weekend :)