Friday, November 15, 2013

Uh Oh! I've Been Accused Of Harboring a Ghost Over At Gwen Gardner's Blog! Help Me Out Of The Stocks!

I've really done it this time, guys! Because of my role in The Spirit of Christmas anthology, I've been accused of a rather ludicrous crime!

I wasn't aware that writing about ghosts is a crime, but apparently it is, and Gwen Gardner is keeping me captive - and she's having my trial today! I would very appreciate it if you would head on over that way to defend me and help me out of this big wooden contraption (seriously, I'm getting a crick in my neck!). Until then, I'll have to try and stall for time with my old English wit.

Or you could just stay here, laugh at me, and throw whatever rotten vegetables are sitting at the bottom of your fridge. I'm not really going anywhere, for the time being ...

*     *     *

Also, on behalf of the McNaughton family, I'm sharing this button in memory of their son, Andrew, who passed away last week. I was proud to participate in an anthology either this year, dedicated to funding his dream of attending college. Our thoughts and our hearts go out to Andrew and his family, and we at The Cosmic Laire salute the bright life he led. Forever a star!

*     *     *

Time to set the auto pilot for the weekend. Taking a needed NaNoing break by investigating the remnants of per-historic creatures, both for research and enjoying the weather before the snow sets in. Have a great weekend, guys! I look forward to the coming days ahead.

Have you ever been wrongfully accused of something? How did you get out of it? Have you ever been locked in a real stockade?

I'm David, and Angelina Jolie has found herself a set of horns!


  1. Love and prayers to Nick and family.

    By the way, on anyone else those stockades would look silly. But somehow you pull it off with runway panache!

  2. Lots of prayers to Nick's family.

    Those are some horns, Angelina... :)

  3. Sending many prayers to Nick and his family.

    Hope you're out of that contraption soon! :)

  4. Rotten tomatoes? Man, have I got rotten tomatoes. I'm so behind on picking, they're all over the ground outside. Now, I know what to do with them!

  5. Your response to my reaction of you being in the stockade kind of confuses. I don't know if you're glad I defended or are comparing me to the people who promoted the Salem witch trials. Either way you still deserve freedom and I'm glad I went to your defense. Many prayers to Nick and his family over the death of Andrew. Aw Nano, it might just ki...make me super tired. Anyway...Disney is on a roll. The good one not Home On the Range kind. *Shivers*

    1. Didn't mean to confuse, Sheena. That last line wasn't directed at you, and I do appreciate your defense! :)

  6. Headed over to Gwen's right now! Your story was brilliant! You know I got your back :)

  7. Locked in stocks are you? Well, I suppose I shall trek over there and see what you've gotten yourself into...

    And Angelina Jolie is scary as crap. Just sayin'.

  8. You're looking rather comfortable in that stockade. I do have a few tomatoes I need to get rid of...

  9. Eek! Talking about ghosts is forbidden? *applying invisibility paint* There. If they can't find me, they can't punish me. ;)

    I'm off to invisibly vote you free!

  10. Oh my! I'll hop over and try to help you out of the mess you're in!

  11. Word Wizard indeed! Cool photo! Yes, keeping Andrew and family in prayer too! Have a nice weekend :)

  12. Well, good luck getting out of those stocks. I have a bunch of rotten apples. Would those do?

  13. How did you know about the rotten veggies in my fridge?
    I think that's very suspicious.
    Very well, there's no concrete proof...I'll go plead on your behalf. :)

  14. Ha! Good luck getting out of the stockade! ;)

    I was sad to hear about Andrew's passing. Best wishes for healing and comfort to his family.

  15. I've been wrongfully accused a few times when my wife gets mad at me. She gets over it eventually.

    Tossing It Out

  16. Hope you get out of that stockade! Definitely doesn't sound comfortable, heh.

    It's so, so tragic about what happened to Andrew. Nick and his family are in my thoughts right now, too.