Friday, November 22, 2013

Ghostbusters: The Video Game - A Nostalgic Ride That Lets YOU Investigate and Eliminate the Paranormal! earliest memory of any kind of television or movie watching was of a pink and purplish woman, and she was floating next to the tall book- shelves of a public library. She was a scary lady. I had to cover my eyes every time some guy named Ray cried, "Get her!" And so began my dream to be a Paranormal Investigator and Eliminator (in short, a Ghostbuster). It took a few years to realize fact from fiction, and I'll never own an unlicensed particle accelerator in my lifetime, but the idea of catching some ghosts and putting a humorous spin on an otherwise scary theme will stick with me to my grave - and after two movies, I was dying for a third.

No such luck. I would have to settle for the animated equivalent instead for the remainder of my childhood, never to see the old gang back in action, battling ancient demons and bumps in the night.

Then, after many years, rumors of a new story entered our dimension, but it wouldn't be in the form of a movie. Not at all. It would be on the more interactive side of the ethereal. And after all the wait, Ghostbusters 3 turned out to be a video game - and a great looking one, at that! In many ways, they expanded on this universe better than a movie could.
To take this sweetness to another level, the team reunited the original cast with motion capture jumpsuits, with a script written by the original writers, keeping the dialogue and humor consistent with the original material. How original is that?!
And there's more! The story follows our four heroes in an effort to train a new recruit (you) when an anomaly surges through all of Manhattan. Their first captured ghost (Slimmer) escapes and returns to his haunting floors of the Sedgewick Hotel. With my gear on, I couldn't wait to release (not cross) the streams!
I had more than Slimmer to deal with, though. The whole of New York was suddenly overrun by ghosts and ghouls, including StayPuff himself! After a little roasting, we run into a certain Ilyssa Selwyn, the supervisor of the "World of Gozer" exhibit ...

Gozer? Sounds familiar - wasn't that the dude (or chick) that was toasted at the end of the first movie? I'd say that's a big yes! It's not the Gozerian we're dealing with here. No! It's Ivo Shandor, the designer of 55 Central Park West (the apartment of Peter's old flame). His other creations have been activated, ready to bring the ghost world into ours. *gulp*

As for the story, it plays homage to much of what made the original movie great, bringing a full-circle feel to a would-be trilogy. Giving Peter a new interest made things fresh for his lovably unlucky charm. Ray. Egon. Winston. Everyone was in character without missing a beat.

When it comes to visuals, this game has terrifically rich detail, making my graphics card work for its money at times. New York comes to life in a fun environment where everything (almost) can be torched by a particle thrower. Slim tanks and cool gadgets just adds to the awesome factor!

If there's one thing worth harping about, it's the game play. It was fine most of the time, but it was often quite difficult to control whenever non-ectoplasmic creatures attack (and single you out - every time) faster than you can outrun them. I'd rather tackle ghosts, not monsters.

I would've enjoyed more variety in the boss battles, too (it seemed like I had to take them all down the same way), but not enough to keep me from enjoying the sights and even crossing into the ghost world for a short time. Ghostbusters: The Video Game covers a lot of ground and answers many questions left unanswered from the original 80's films. Indeed, this game should certainly appeal to the avid ghost fan and the casual gamer alike.

Cosmic Crullers:

And as I understand it, the popularity of this game has reawakened interest in producing another live-action movie, and rumor has it that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone have been offered roles for it - possibly as trainees for a new generation of ghostbusters. Can you imagine these two joining forces? Man, I'd pay good money to see that!

Sweet dreams, my friends! I'll be back next week.

I have to ask, are you a Ghostbusters enthusiast? How do you feel about a possible new movie? Does busting make you feel good?

I'm David, and "that's your cue, killer!"


  1. It is indeed a good looking game.
    Not sure I'd want a third movie. Murray is getting older and I'd rather remember him the way he was in the original.

  2. Loved Ghostbusters (huge Bill Murray fan and this was when he was in his prime - let's not talk Lost in Translation, k?)! The Husband and I caught it on TV a couple of weeks ago and we both worried it would not stand the test of time - we had nothing to worry about! Would love to see a new Ghostbusters (excellent casting - loved those two in Superbad).

    Not a big gamer, but I bet this would be a fun one!!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen Ghostbusters. (I know, I know: shame on me!) Glad to see you enjoyed the game based off this franchise, though! Those graphics definitely look amazing...

  4. I love Ghostbusters, plus games, so this is win-win. Way better than a third movie would be.

  5. As far as I know, the third movie is in pre-production. Murray will not be in it, which was part of what delayed production for so long. But they, basically, got tired of waiting for Murray and are going ahead without him. Last I heard, anyway.

  6. Oh wow, this game looks awesome! I remember when this movie first came out...we lived in a small town in Germany - no movie theater - and we actually chartered a bus so the few of us that lived on the economy there could go to Aschaffenburg and see the movie on base. Bill Murray! :)

  7. These movies were such a huge part of my growing up. I remember watching the cartoon all the time too. I think those actors would be great in a third installment. How fun.

  8. I'm glad to hear that you also enjoyed the game! Ghostbusters is a classic.

  9. I am not a gamer, but I am glad you are having fun with this one.

    I am with Alex... I wouldn't want another movie with the older cast. I prefer to remember them as they looked in the 80s.