Friday, September 27, 2013

Al "Father Dragon" Diaz: Knight of the Cosmic Table!

Today is an unprecedented day in the history of knight/dragon relations. After many countless centuries of misunderstandings, princess eatings, some village burnings, and dragon slayings, one reptilian ally has stepped forward to show us that even the most common of enemies have their virtues. I present to you a dragon with an immense heart that constantly battles the ills of the world by finding the joys in life - and he isn't shy when it comes to expressing his gratitude or giving thanks to those who never saw it coming. This Cosmic Knight is pleased and honored to dub thee, Sir Al "Father Dragon" Diaz, Knight of the Cosmic Table!

FD: You're making me blush. That's difficult to see in a red dragon. Thank you for your kind words. Wow, Sir Dragon, uh? After all the knights I've eaten or charred in eight centuries, a knighthood is like the last thing I expected to receive. Of course all those were dark knights, not like the world missed them much. I suppose now you'll touch my shoulder with your blade? Should I ask for Tassin to bring you the ladder or would you mind me just picking you up? I warn you though, when I pick up people, I tend to hug them breathless.

DPK: I've got the latest plated armor, pre-tested by mountain giants - the same that gave old Jack and his harp a hard time - so I'm good if you want to pick me up. Just don't drop me; this stuff is heavy!

FD: Mountain giant-tested? Cool!

*taps the tip of a claw on the breast plate*

DPK: Careful ... My squire just polished it.

FD: Is this armor available to all members of the Cosmic Table?

DPK: Standard issue - we'll have to put in a custom order for you.

FD: Do you have Avenger-type of cards too?

DPK: If there's room in the budget, maybe ...

FD: *gives Sir David an amused grin*

DPK: So, umm ... Not that I want to hop onto your back this very second, but I'm curious. Just how fast can you fly?

FD: Ah, already talking about flying, I see!

I knew you wouldn't be able to help yourself. I still remember you said you always wanted to ride a dragon.

To answer your question, it depends on the size of the dragon and the weight of his loot...I mean, cargo. In any case, we're talking about 0 to 100 mph ... *picks Sir David up to weigh him*

DPK: Whoa! Not too fast, Al!

FD: Hmm, optimal travel speed is considered about 70 mph. In my best days I could reach 450mph in a dive. Of course this is just me. Carrying a knight like you would make the speed vary, mostly with a heavy armor. My wings are a bit rusty these days, but if you really want to try, a short flight wouldn't hurt. Not much chance for flights these days anyway.

DPK: That's fantastic! Tell you what; if you can still drive to a speed of at least 88 mph, I'll be sure to bring along my flux capacitor so we can do a bit of time traveling ... you know, when we conclude this honorable occasion ...

FD: For time traveling, I would be willing to try even faster!

DPK: You entered the blogging scene about a year ago, and it didn't take you long at all to make great strides (as I would expect of a dragon) among the writing community. What's your secret for connecting with so many writers and readers so quickly, or is this some magical ability that we humans have yet to harness?

FD:  My first blog-iversary will be on November 24th. The secret? You'll have to ask those who read me because I'm still trying to figure it out. All I can say is that last year, Jeff Hargett at Strands of Pattern did something called Awesome August. He featured many writers but two posts in particular were especially helpful. One was yours, the power in a name. The other was blogging tips by Alex Cavanaugh.

Ring any bells?

DPK: Alex who?

FD: Mysterious guy with guitar, dressed all in black, so not mentioned everywhere?

DPK: I'll have to look him up ... *first thing on Google*

FD: Anyway, that's it. A name and blogging tips I half understood. How did I connect with people so fast totally beats me. I basically pour my heart out about the philosophy of life from my dragon point of view.

DPK: I say you have a gift, my friend! And let me tell you, it's a contagious gift, something we can all learn from you, me thinks. I had no idea that I contributed to your blogging, so consider this a triple honor! And yes, that elusive ninja guitar guy ... I see what you did there!

Who is your favorite dragon, literary or otherwise?

FD: The first that come to mind are the dragons from Here Comes the Grump, Falkor from The Neverending Story and from Monster Hunter Legion, there is Management. They all have things in common with me. Yet, if I must name only one, it has to be Falkor. I also strive to become a luck dragon.

DPK: Management! Now that's a dragon I'd like to meet in person.

I understand you share a cave with dwarfs. What's that like?

FD: As fun as it can be to live with fifty four hard-duty, dragon-proof, dwarves. They are devoted minions but they are not always efficient. Mostly if they drink Jezebel's punch. Sessin somehow charmed her into "donating" several bottles to their wine cellar. Now the strangest things may happen. Last month, he and the rest of the Cheering Squad built a cloning machine that exploded after they cloned Mark Koopmans. I believe his madness was too much to duplicate. Precious treasures were lost, like the Dark Crystal and the Palantir replicas. Believe me, it's difficult to get intelligent dwarf-power these days.

DPK: Hey, we could use a cloning machine here. Ours just burned out. Let me know when you have another one up and running!

FD: Certainly. You just have to sign the agreement of limited responsibility.

DPK: Done and Done. So! Done any dwarf tossing lately?

FD: Two hours every day, at least. Some people practice yoga, some people lifts weights, some practice Zumba. Father Dragon tosses dwarfs everywhere. It keeps me in shape, focused and in balance. Something goes wrong? Toss one dwarf. Virgin snacks are not well done? Toss another dwarf. Someone is making me angry and messing with my Zen? Toss several dwarves at them!

It works marvels and you can catch them in the second bouncing.

Would you like to try free lessons?

DPK: Free lessons? Picking up dwarfs is easier said than done ...

FD: Just be careful because a ricocheting dwarf might hit you in the head if you're distracted.

DPK: You know, for the likes of me. Those things are heavy! And, sadly, not every dwarf is the Smoked Mountains are into the hottest sport since the 100 Meter Grab-The-Maiden's-Lost-Shoe Dash ...

Get a "grip", Gimli ...

Tell me, after a long day of dragon affairs, helping damsels (instead of eating them), and you're nestled yourself away into your man ... err ... your dragon cave, I suspect that you're adding words to a great story? What do you write? How do you go about writing it?

FD: As a matter of fact I do have an excellent story; a paranormal thriller. Each time I tell someone about it, they listen in fascination and ask me when the book will be ready. No, dragons are not modest creatures but this dragon in particular has a bigger problem than my ego. The WiP has been stalled on the second rewrite for a year now. Blame it to my other lovers. I like writing, but I also love painting, and sculpting. I tried but focusing on one thing doesn't make me happy. I can't stop thinking on the other two neglected muses.

Tired of unfinished projects and guilt trips, I came up with an integral solution to my problem. Instead of presenting the story as a book, I'm working to present it as a comic, so I can be both writer and artist. It's a tough dragon-size challenge, but challenges make me happy. It will take a lot more time than just writing the story, but I don't care for time. I care for a goal that makes me feel true passion about what I'm doing. I'm seeking for that "once in a lifetime" ride, and I suspect this is it.

DPK: You had me at "paranormal," and I love comics! Ever read Schlock Mercenary? I know a few excellent comic artists myself. I'd be way interested in seeing your stories come like that. And with web comics rising like never before, that's not a bad route to consider.

One more question: what does it mean for you to be a knight, both in life and in the writing community?

FD: Honor is an important directive in this dragon's life and I believe it a priority in any knight's code. That's one thing we already had in common. Another one is I am all set up to defeat true demons and evil forces, such as prejudice, ignorance, fear, hate and selfishness.

There is light and darkness in everyone, but we are also born with the potential for greatness. In order to reach it, one has to stand up and fight our personal demons. A knight cannot change people, but a knight understands that by changing oneself, and stand up and fight for what one believes is right and true and good, one can change the world. A knight inspires others, not to wait to be rescued, but to believe in themselves, in their capacities, to have faith on possibilities and reach out for their dreams. The only difference between a knight and someone who is not, is that the first one is an individual with a mission. Knights are courageous enough to not let their fears stop them, and with determination enough to keep moving forward, no matter how hard they fall, how painful their wounds are or how deep in mud they are. Even with their guts in their hands, knights will always strive for one more inch closer to their goal, one inch closer to victory. This is the definition of a knight for Father Dragon.

This is what I am and what I believe.

DPK: Then you have met your appointment with much excellence, Father Dragon. Your words have touched us deeply and the centuries of wisdom behind you will be most welcomed among our table of knights.

Congratulations! Help yourself to that super-massive chair next to "Evil Queen" Argyle and Sir Di Gesu. We'll bring out the celebratory roast in a minute. Until then, while it may not be in your likeness, please accept this badge and use it however you would like as proof of your knighthood.

FD: Thank you, Sir David. Being part of your mighty order is my pleasure. I am glad of this friendship between dragon and knights. May this be a sign for a greater understanding and strong alliances the world needs so much. This badge will have a place of honor back at the Dragon Cave. Now to the roast!

Are there any Virgin snacks?

DPK: *whispers* ... We'll discuss the menu later ...

*      *     *

Hey, guys! Thanks for stopping by for this epic, hilarious, and heartwarming interview. As you can see, new posts are up, which means the console is fixed and ready for more writing and posts!

October is going to be a fantastic and fully active month here in The Cosmic Laire, and, hopefully, there will be some excellent news to share with you. So until next time, keep being awesome!

I'm David, and do you know if Walmart carries dragon snacks?

Hmm ... That'll work!


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