Friday, July 12, 2013

Falling 4 Fiction Interview with Leigh Covington and Just How Many Personalities Does Sméagol Have?

Hey guys! This has been a wild week and a lot busier than I expected, so I'm sorry to say there's not much of a post today, that and I'm checking out the first showing of Pacific Rim today (review to follow).

However, the amazing Leigh Covington interviewed me yesterday at Falling 4 Fiction. Go check it out, and don't be too concerned when you see the answers I used for the word association test she gave me. No monkeys were harmed in the conducting of this interview.

Until next time, what would happen if Sméagol had more than two personalities? I don't really think Gollum would take kindly to that.

Have a terrific, bashing-giant-monster's-brains-in weekend!

I'm David, and Dad is great! ... Give us the chocolate cake!


  1. Read the interview yesterday!
    Seeing an afternoon 3D showing of Pacific Rim today and my review will follow on Monday.
    Also sat through most of Sharknado last night. My play-by-play of that travesty will be up next week as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sir Jeffrey - LOL! That was funny.

    I need to go read the interview.

  3. I'll check out the interview.

    Pacific Rim looks interesting.

  4. Enjoyed the interview. Enjoyed the Gollum skit. Needed the break. Thanks!

  5. That Gollum video is so funny! Thanks for sharing it. I shall go check on that interview. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I plan to watch Pacific Rim as well. Thanks for answering my questions over at Falling for Fiction and enjoy your weekend.

  7. I've heard a lot of good things about Pacific Rim. Have fun.

  8. I still have to see Pacific Rim!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  9. Dude! Good question about Smeagol! That dude is twisted and great to watch/read. And I'm not sure I believe you about the monkeys but I totally believe you about Pacific Rim! :) Thanks for being our interview test monkey! ;)

  10. Saving that video so I can watch it later - it looks hilarious!!

  11. Best of luck to Tara and SK!

    Raining glass? I'd be more impressed with diamonds, but hey who am I to be nit picky?

    I have been seriously out of the loop, but if you have space for anymore blogger volunteers for Woven, sign me on!