Monday, May 27, 2013

CONduit 23, First Reading, and A Walk in the Abyss

If you missed CONduit 23: The Dark Guilds of CONduit, you've come to the right place, my friends! Here's what went down there:

Here's the thing about CONduit - it's different than most other conferences. It's more like a convention, really, and it caters to fandom more than writers, but this is an important thing for a writer of science fiction and fantasy to go to. It's an opportunity to mingle with the fans of the genre, folks who get the genre and live it. I spent the weekend enjoying the moment, so I took few pictures. If you want to see more, check this link for the CONduit Facebook page.

This year, the theme was Dark Guilds of CONduit, so they focused more on horror and the supernatural, which means they had lots of ghost panels with members of the Wasatch Paranormal Investigators group there, to explain the ins and out of ghost hunting. You can listen to some of their EVPs on their website, if you'd like.

Larry Correia was the guest of honor this year. His name is no stranger to this blog (big fan), but he told his publishing story and I had no idea Monster Hunter was originally self published. It just ballooned like crazy thanks to his pre-established fan base through gun forums. His stance on being a successful writer falls into two steps: "1) Practice writing until you're good enough that people will buy your stuff, and 2), sell to those people who will buy your stuff. How you do this is irrelevent because there is no set way to do it."

After the first day, I went to hang out in my first RPG session with Paul Genesse, Larry Correia, Patrick Tracy, Bob Defendi, and others. I got to be a Greyshalk (something like Bigfoot), and hilarity ensued - skunk tossing, eating whelps, and acting all primitive. Good times!

There's lots to see at conferences like this, more so in the art gallery and merchant areas (tried to get a shot of the art gallery, but I am forbidden to post pictures of it - my bad). But here's some goods!

Oh yeah! I also did a reading, my first reading ever! How did it go? Thankfully I had three people there, including my co-author Michael Jensen, his cousin Shelley Bingham Husk, and Amber Argyle (big fan!). We even went to lunch afterwards and talked writing and shared our ideas, and talked our way out of trouble spots in our plots. Amazing how talking about stories can unplug the block!

I'm also the 3rd official buyer of her new Winter Queen book.

Be jealous.

That night was the release party for A Walk in the Abyss - a collection of novellas from the world created by Shane Moore. Available now!


Prepare yourselves, intrepid reader, for three complete novelettes set in the Abyss Walker world of author Shane Moore. In this anthology you shall read “No Tusks” by Paul Genesse, the disgustingly graphic orc story—not for children—(You have been warned!); then a tale about a young Bigfoot, or more accurately, a greyshalk trying to find his place in the world in: “A Kudekah to Remember” by Paul Genesse and Shane Moore; and finally, a truly hilarious story about a bumbling giant in: “Mungo the Undying” by Patrick M. Tracy. You’ll also be treated to a short story from a very unique point of view—an arrow in flight: “Unerring” by Patrick S. Tomlinson; and as a bonus, an excerpt from the novella, “The Wererat’s Tale III: The Collar of Perdition” by Patrick S. Tomlinson, written from an outline penned by the creator of the Abyss Walker World, Shane Moore himself!
(From Goodreads)

I'll be honest - I did a lot of socializing this time around, as well as meeting Steve Diamond for the first time, so I didn't absorb much in the realm of classes, but it was still a good time nonetheless.

And this is what happens when you let Amber dress you up ...

Can you feel it?

Oh, yeah. I can feel it!

CONduit won't be happening next year, from what I heard, but it will instead merge with WesterCon 67. I may have to check it out, and maybe find a way to be involved. The important thing is to have fun, go with the punches, and roll with the flow ... not exactly in that order. You'll learn new things and meet new friends around every corner. Thanks for stopping by so I could share this little adventure with you. Hope you had a great weekend and that you will have an amazing week ahead of you. Until the next conference!

Stay tuned this week, for I have a new knight for you and other surprises on Friday. Also, we're inching towards 900 members and I have a few ARCs to give away. Help me reach that milestone and I'll get this contest started! Also, there's a kickstarter program for Mini Miniatures underway, and what makes them different from others is they have the means to scan your face onto a figure. I'm not big on these, but that's downright cool! You can check the video here

If you've heard about the incident that happened to Ben Wolverton, author Dave Wolverton's son, you can help him walk again by buying books or sending a donation here. Anything would be appreciated.

Today, I'm off to take care of a few things and visit a memorial in honor of those who have fought for the freedoms of my country, including my grandfather who fought in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

Here's to you, Grandpa Powers! 

I'm David, and I'm in the Greyshalk tribe - ROARRR!


  1. I REALLY want to go next year! Looks awesome! Make sure you remind me. Yes- remind me in a year ;) Have a great weekend David!

  2. Sounds like fun and congrats on your first reading!

  3. Oh David, it sounds like it was a very fun and exciting event for you. How wonderful to be able to do a reading-- you're in the big leagues!

  4. Greetings, SIr David..

    WHAT? No TROLL hunting?!!! Sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for the recap... I felt like I was there.

    Looking forward to see who our next knight is!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  5. Sounds like you covered a lot a ground in a short amount of time with that Con. Cool that it might merge with WesterCon. (I think my publisher sends promotional materials to that Con.) Glad your reading went well. Not a big fan of doing those.

  6. You had a blast, that's obvious. Great for you! And meeting Larry Correia, wow, I'm jealous. New fan here. Interesting to know how Monster Hunters started. I really think he's great. Way to go with your reading! :D

  7. luckily you're not wearing the mask as a frat dare and because it's look so fetchingly cool on you!! how neat to be a part of a book release while there! hey, con-duit (can do it)...yeah. i say dumb things. ;)
    yes to ben! got him on mind, too! :)

  8. I second that "here's to you, Grandpa Powers."

    Ps. *loved that quote from Larry: "1) Practice writing until you're good enough that people will buy your stuff, and 2), sell to those people who will buy your stuff. How you do this is irrelevent because there is no set way to do it."

    That is bloody powerful and thanks for sharing your adventures - but you shouldn't have posted the Amber Accessory pic... my eldest walked by and said, "Is that DPK dressing like a woman again?" :)~

  9. Pretty sure you found your look!

    Best wishes to 16 yr old inspiring to see the writing community band together.

  10. What fun! I'd love to go to one of them.

  11. Dangit. I know I wanted to come to this, and I totally forgot it. Ah well.

  12. I've always been curious about CONduit and wanted to come, but there's already so much happening in May. And now it won't be the same. *sigh* I'm glad you had fun.

  13. That sounds like such a fun experience!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. And you survived your first public reading - well done!

  14. Hey! I'm friends with the guys who ran that perler booth :)

    Thanks for posting this! I'm making it a goal to meet you at WesterCon next year!

  15. You forgot to mention that I beat you in the growling contest and was henceforth named Queen of Greyshalks, of which you are a member. So yes, I am your Queen, and I have bathrooms for you to clean. ;)

    1. Oh, I didn't forget that ... *shifty eyes* You're right, I did. Thanks for setting the record straight. :)