Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Scores: It's Our Fight!

Every now and then, I need some action! That could be taken several different ways ... but what I'm talking about here is a good scene in a story that gets my adrenaline going! ... That could be taken several different ways too, but it's not what you think! I'm talking about car chases, aerial dogfights, gunfights, martial arts, and superpower- laced awesomeness. I don't always write action scenes, but when I do, finding the right score helps me set the mood. I had a hard time finding one to help inspire the big battle scene in Woven, before and during edits. That is, until I came across this rip-roaring track!

It's Our Fight: by Steve Jablonsky
From the film: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Of course, the score would be a little less mechanical if the scene were adapted to film, but I can dream, right? For this track, I'd like to tag one of my favorite authors, Larry Correia, who writes the best action books that I've read lately. The M.H.I Team could take on giant robots any day of the week. Seriously, Monster Hunter needs to be a movie!

And because Amazon has this habit of sending me more than one book sometimes, I have an extra hardback copy that could use a home - and as a bonus, it's signed by Mr. Correia himself! If you're interested, say "WANT!" in the comments below. I'll randomly select a winner and then I'll announce the lucky reader with tomorrow's post. You will learn so much and see great examples of effective action writing, I guarantee your mind will be blown!

Sound good? Awesome! Spread the word if you'd like, because this book is going fast. Thank you for clicking by and listening to another excellent score!

Until next time, roll out!

I'm David, and it's true - I have an Optimus Prime on my desk ...


  1. Can't turn down a free book now and then!

  2. I love those kinds of Amazon mistakes. :)

  3. I don't have an Optimus on my desk but I have two Jetfires on my bookshelf and then a Jetfire in the box and a Grapple in the box on another shelf. (Hmmm, which Transformer is my favorite?)

    The music in the Transformers movies is one of those Hans Zimmer sound alikes.

  4. Best Buy did that to me once with season one of SLIDERS. It was fantastic. I'd love to get in on that book!

    As far as film scores goes, I love listening to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Good stuff while working.

  5. Replies
    1. Had to do it. Anyway, I enjoy good action as well. (Take that as you wish.)

  6. This is going to my Music for Writing collection. I also say I want but feel free to ignore me if the book is a US only. I'm in Mexico.

  7. Have. :p And the other 3 in front of it as well.. great series. Honestly some of the most fun I have reading. LOL, "Management".. loved it!

  8. That is a great track. It sounds like a great one to work out to!

    How nice of you to give away a copy of the book. I wish Amazon would send me some extra stuff every now and again instead of a massive credit card bill lol.

    Thanks for stopping by Theresa's Mixed Nuts. I am happy to be your newest follower :)

  9. Got to love the Transformers:) I love action scenes and use them often in my writing:)

  10. Hi David,
    Just stopped by to take a look at your blog.
    Wow, this is facinating stuff!
    I agree with Theresa - I could happily work out to this track!! :)

  11. I've never seen this movie, but LOVE the soundtrack. It always comes up on my Pandora!

  12. Wow this music is amazing! I'm listening to it for the third time this morning! Love your Thursday Film Scores. You know so much awesome music!

  13. This is a sweet blog! It was nice meeting you at LTUE, I can't wait for your novel's release! Congratulations.

  14. I might be too late - but I would love the book for my grandson. And I have to tell you something funny - he just asked me about the music of the Transformers last night - how does it go? Now I know this isn't the theme song - but a coincidence right?
    Now to me the music of the movie is almost as important as the movie. It can make you sit spellbound and bite your nails - or feel love - or any feeling! Sandie

  15. I love a good soundtrack to get certain scenes just right. Randomly, the Pirates of the Caribbean one works well for me (just don't leave the volume way up when the drums start--scared myself silly, in public, a few times). Oh, and "Want!" pretty please, too :)

  16. Haven't seen this movie yet, but what an invigorating song!