Monday, February 11, 2013

Post: Book Launches/Tours, Covers, and Awards!

Fasten your spacebelts, kids - we're headed for awesomeness!

We have a couple of launches to report this week. First: Lisez la Fleur (Read the Flower), a novella by Alexandra Lanc, Moonsong, Books 1 and, 2 by E.J. Wesley, and He Came For Mine, by C.M. Brown!

Congratulations, you guys!

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I am excited (actually, more like WAY excited) to share with you the cover for Destiny Gift from one of my favorite bloggers, Juliana Haygert! There's so much appeal to the way this cover was shot, and I know this book will make a great addition to Juliana's collection.

 Available April 9, 2013

Today is the release of Tyrean Martinson's new novel, Champion! Looks awesome. Sounds awesome. Check it out, guys!

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We have a few new members this week! Let's give it up for these stellar (and ultra brave) new crew members!

Kristen Winiarski

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Speaking of Alexandra Lanc, she has generously tagged me for this prestigious award, made possible by an awesome blogger!
To accept this, I have to tell you 7 things about myself that I have yet to have said, and then pass it on to a few others.The tricky part is the coming up with things to say about myself. Not my favorite subject, but let's see what we can have, shall we?

1: I wear special glasses when I write - a kind of sci fi-looking pair of specks that are designed to reduce the light that enters your eyes from a computer screen. It makes long hours at the screen less of a headache.

2:  I eat eggs every morning - hard boiled, poached, scrambled, fried, grandma's special, you name it! I started this as part of my "getting-over-chronic-fatigue" diet and it's given me that bit of protein I need to start the day.

3: I have reoccurring dreams about zombies - where I usually run away from them. They have yet to catch me, so I hope that means I'll be pretty good at surviving the real thing (if it were to happen).

4: I watched The Dark Knight Rises for the first time yesterday - I know. Blasphemy, but because of the budget, I had to pick and choose. Avengers won. It was a nice wrap up to the Nolan Batman, but kinda left something to be desired, somewhat. I know. Heresy!

5: My home phone's battery life is 30 minutes - not kidding. We think it's time for a new one, unless we can buy a replacement battery. That would save us some dough.

6: I've collected over 200 pounds of LEGO's, so far - and from what I hear, they are worth their weight in gold. This could make for a nice investment, something to sit on. It's better than stuffing a mattress full of cash, because you can't play with that!

7: I have yet to leave the United States - but I would sure love to check out the world scene sometime. Maybe hit Australia and New Zealand. Maybe spend a night in Hobbiton. We'll see.

While I would like nothing more than to pass this award onto everyone, I'd like to pass this on to a few of my blogging friends who have done an amazing job at inspiring me lately. Take it and wear it proudly. You guys have earned it!


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Update: The Woven final submission is coming along better than we hoped, having read the first 60K words in the last two days with nary a punctuation to mark or a word to be changed. 30K more to go, and its off to the editors. We're also in talks with a super awesome map maker who sounds way into giving our made-up land a cool visual for the book (more details when we have something solid to share)!

Also, this is LTUE week, which means blogging is going to be weird this week. If you're coming down to Provo, let's hang out - maybe grab a pizza or a cruller, and stun the locals with our writeriness!

And no, we are NOT going to toilet paper the trees ... 

Sound good? I'm set. Let's roll!

I hope your weekend was awesome and productive. If so, tell me what you did. If not, tell me what you did anyway. 

I'm David, and this is one awkward elevator ...


  1. That's a lot of Legos!
    Very excited for Tyrean's new book. And Juliana's cover is awesome.

  2. Thanks for the shout out David!!! I really appreciate it!

  3. I have eggs over easy on toast every day. I have to have protein to start the day or I'm a mess.

    Bummed I can't swing LTUE (again) but I can't wait to hear about the awesomeness.

  4. Isn't it just fantastic to be able to post so many covers and announcements about published books from our community? Every time I see these kinds of posts I feel like cheering. How wonderful thatin the midst of all the "how hard it is is to be published" articles, we can celebrate so many successes.

    Congratulations on your award. This is such a great and satisfying category-- well deserved my writing friend.

    Speaking of which, you are so kind, David-- thank you so much for the vote of inspiration. You may change your mind if you read my silly post today. ;) I am honored and touched that you would think of me.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, David! =)

    I have those same kind of glasses - but I forget wearing them! lol
    Dude, that's a whole lot of legos!!

  6. I have a book releasing tomorrow. Just saying.

  7. What do you plan to do with ALL THOSE LEGOS, DAVID?

    CONGRATS TO TYREAN and JULIANA! ALL the best ladies!

    AND good luck with your launches E.J., Alexandra, and C.M.!

    1. I've collected and played with them since I was 7. For now, they're in a box, waiting for The Boy to grow into an age where he'll appreciate them. :)

  8. I'm not going to make it to LTUE this year. Have fun!

  9. I'm thinking you need yourself a couple o' chickens ;)
    And I agree with Michael... what are you going to build?

  10. I'm in great company here! Thanks so much for the shout, David.

    I'm actually with you completely with the DKR. Really liked it, but I think it's my third favorite in the trilogy (I kind of waffle between it and the Dark Knight).

    Would definitely rank Avengers ahead of it in my pecking order of super hero/comic book movies. That being said, I think all three Nolan Batman movies might make my top 10.

  11. completely concur about the legos :)

  12. Oh so cool!! I hadn't heard about Tyrean's book but what awesome news!

  13. Awesome post! Thanks for the shout-out, David. I'm extremely grateful. :)

    The covers for Destiny's Gift and Champion look amazing. I will definitely have to check them out, especially since Destiny' Gift is a NA book. Your seven answers put a smile on my face. If I didn't already have glasses, I'd opt for some of those light-reducing ones. The light from the computer can be a pain. Also, the update on Woven makes me jump for joy. Glad it's coming along well.

    My busy weekend was filled with furious typing. A new story has invaded my brain, and taken up permanent residence until I get it hashed out, which appears to be happening quickly. Other than that, the weekend was somewhat relaxing, and filled with watching NetFlix.

    Best Wishes,


    PS: I didn't care for The Dark Knight Rises, either, so you're not alone. There were too many plotholes for me.

  14. It's definitely time for a new battery (which can be expensive depending on the kind). I replace my phone batteries about once every 3 years at the cost of around $50.00 (I have multiple home phones).

    Lots of interesting books coming out this week.

    And dreaming of zombies sounds terrifying. I like how in "The Walking Dead" they have really gotten into the horrific makeup. Those zombies on last night's episode looked truly scary.

  15. Exciting tours and new releases! :) Looking forward to reading some of the new books.

    Fun facts about you- I might have you beat on the Legos :) haven't ever thought to weigh them- but I do have a specific "Lego room" Haha :) Will have to try out some of those glasses and I agree- looks like you need a new phone. Have a great day :)

  16. Congrats to all those with releases! Nice to see so many people doing well. I'm involved in promoting a couple of those myself. :)

    And you sound like Mr Strong. He ate about 50 eggs every day. Good stuff!

  17. Way to go with the blogging award. I too am an egg person. Not every morning kind of egg person, but at least twice a week. Have fun at LTUE this week!

  18. I want to know about the Legos too. Awesome that the revisions are going so well.

  19. So many exciting things going on! :) And wow. I need a pair of those special glasses!

  20. I thought Rises was less good than it was, too. Too much wrong with it, but that's all in the review I did.

    I eat eggs most every morning, too.

  21. awesome headlines!
    love julianas cover!
    yay tyrean!

    200 lbs of legos?!
    and glad you found a topographer!

  22. Hooray for all the releases! :)

    Congratulations on the award. And if not watching The Dark Knight Rises until now is blasphemy, I'm completely sacrilegious: I've never seen any of the Batman films.

  23. Awesome news from quite a few folks in the blogosphere. Thanks for the update!

  24. Wow I think your page today was longer than Alex Cavanaugh (The Ninja of course). Thanks for all the info and congrats on the award.

  25. Aww, thank you David for passing the award to me! I'm so honored! Thank you, thank you!

    And I love eggs, too! I try to eat them on weekends, but sometimes that doesn't work out. Instead I eat coffee cake during the week. But man eggs are the BEST.

    I still have to see the Dark Knight Rises yet on DVD. :(

  26. WOW! Lots of great stuff available and be launched and all sorts of stuff! Love it. Thanks for sharing! It's the best way for me to keep up these days!

  27. I've heard of "glasses envy" but never before have I personally felt such a strong desire to steal another person's glasses and keep them for myself.

    That is borderline creepy, but I assume you'll take it for what it is: outright amazement at your description of your writing glasses.

  28. I've inspired you? That is awesome! Thanks for passing it on to me :) Ooh, map-making is exciting. I love seeing the world in your head visually come to life.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  29. Ah so many covers! They're all awesome though.

    I still have not seen DKR, but I want to! I'm pretty sure my Android's battery lasts for about that same amount of time. Stupid smartphone -_-

  30. Ew, can't do eggs.

    Congrats on the revisions coming along so well.

  31. Wow! Congratulations on your award, Sir David. This dragon is humbled by your choice but I am really glad to know something of all my babbling proved useful to you. That's actually the best award I get. :)