Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Post: I'm Talking About Names At Jeff's Place!

Hey, guys! I'm popping in for a sec to tell you about Jeff Hargett. He's a great writer, an awesome blogger, and he's hosting my Aspiring Advice post today. Head over to his place where I'm talking about names and the psychological impact they have on characters. This blog will be up and running for more awesomeness on Monday. Have a great weekend!

And if you want to know what went down at WriteOnCon this year, come back Monday to read all about it. It'll be an epic review of epicness!

I'm David, and thanks for having me over, Jeff - you the man!


  1. Cool. I love naming characters, but sometimes names give me fits. Heading over.

  2. Be there shortly. Looking forward to your coverage Monday.

  3. The honor was mine, David! Thanks for being so awesome!

  4. So now you'll have a little more epic news to post on Monday. I commented on Jeff's blog about what you won. It's nice that you're honoring Jeff while he honors you. The Golden Rule rules!

    1. And we fully expect all the little details too! That's great news! See what happens to awesome people?

  5. I'm just in the middle of starting a new project, and my characters need names! I'll definitely have to go check it out. :)