Monday, April 9, 2012

Post: Did Someone Request The Doctor?


Here I am, drafting my Monday post, when Who decided to stop in for a while? That's right! The Query Doctor is back! If you have a query and you would like to have it critiqued, now's a good time to do it. He'll be here for a few hours and will take off at 12:00 noon (MT).

Send your queries to dpowersking[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll be sure he gets it. He's looking forward to it!

*     *     *

The Cosmic Laire is proud to welcome two new followers this week, including a life-long friend:

David Watson

I've known David clear back from my California days. Dang. That kid's grown! Welcome, you two!

*     *     *

Update: I'm tripping out here. It seems the files I've been working on recently have disappeared? I'm not too worried since I've sent my revised chapters to CPs, all but my latest two. Hopefully I can find them. If not, I'll just have to go back and retweak them. So I have that and working out other things in the background.

How's the A to Z going? I've read a few. Looking forward to more of them. Mad browsing should be a sport.

I also have mad appreciation for you guys. The A to Z challenge is underway, I've been away, and the comments you've left have made my day. So I thank you for taking the time during this moment of stress. Good stress, mind you, but stress nonetheless.

I'm David, and would you like to be a Pepper too?


  1. Good to see you back in the swing of things, David! And Yikes! on the lost files, lucky for the CPs as backup! ;)

  2. Hope you find your files.
    Glad your peeps are still visiting. I made a plea before the Challenge began not to forget those who are not doing the Challenge. I've made sure to hit my regular blogging buddies first before visiting any on the list.

  3. I once had a scare that I lost my entire MS. I pretty much wanted to die........ From that time on, I've been backing up everywhere. Sheeessshhh, I don't think I'd want to start over again. haha
    I'm not doing the A-Z Challenge. I've got too much to do. :( But I sure am enjoying reading other peoples. Pretty clever, indeed.
    And I love love love Doctor Who... I'm a fan of the one BBC is doing right now. Finished the entire 6 seasons in a month. Yep! And I was still productive. Not that bad, huh?

  4. Hooray for the Query Doctor!!! And ack, hope you find your files!! I'm not doing the A-Z thing either. I didn't want to post that much!

    Number five is alive!! :-p

  5. This is so ironic because I literally put my query up for comments today. So, I sent it your way. Appreciate any feedback I can get :)

  6. Wow, you really broke out the "Who's Johnny" on this post. I think I was a teenager when those films were in the movie theaters.

  7. OMG I loved that move. Short Circuit, right?

    Yay, for the Query Doctor.

    I hope you find your files. EEK. Your so calm about it.

  8. LOVE IT! And so glad your back. Good stress is still stress nonetheless! I know the feeling. Always fun to hear from you though and I hope you find those missing documents. I hate when that happens.

  9. Thanks, David! I missed the last Query Doctor session, so I'm glad to have made it here in time. :)

    Oh my goodness. Johnny 5 is alive!

    P.S. I hope you find those files!

  10. Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm glad to be following and am looking forward to your unique blend of information and quirky humour. Good luck finding those files, but if you can't track them down, the good news is the tweaking is always faster second time around. :)

  11. Love Johnny Five Alive! I need to get in with the query doctor sometime, but I'm in my last week of insanity and then I can make it beautiful.

  12. Yikes, hope you find those files.

  13. Your posts always make me smile! I insanely decided to do the A to Z Challenge and am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I'll survive. I still make sure to visit my fave blogs before checking out new ones for the challenge.

    I hope you recover those files.

  14. I hope you find those files. That would be a drag to lose them.

  15. Dude, it *does* seem like it's been awhile, yes? Sounds like craziness going on in your hood. Pleeeeeease find those files!!!!! :/

  16. David, email them to yourself. Seriously!