Monday, August 15, 2011

Post: Where Do We Go From Here?

Such a seemingly oblique question, eh? But in this case, somewhat pertinent. Forks in the road. Decisions. Ack!

After working on a certain manuscript for a while, there's something of an in-between feeling I get when it's done. It's hard to explain. Here I am, at the end of a journey, and I'm already ready to go on another. What's the problem? I've had a couple years to think of other ideas for exciting stories. Which one do I work on first?

I could pick up where I left off with my epic fantasy.
I could make changes to make Dragon's Heart better.
I could develop and start my MG series idea.

If I'm to invest days and weeks on another project, I think making the right choice is important, especially if it will improve my writing and take it somewhere or not.

What about you? Do you drive into the fork in the road without considering which way the path will take you or do you step on the breaks and think for a moment?

I have more Shout-Outs this week (I think it's time to make this feature a Monday occasion again, right?). If you have a minute, please check each link and click it!

Doralynn Kennedy
Isis Rushdan

I'm ultra excited to have you! Welcome to the blog!

Update: More feedback for Woven has arrived! All of it is wonderful and surprising. The one thing our readers would have liked the most is more detail/description/ back story on a few things throughout the book. One reader was disappointed by the ending, but a tiny fix will change the feel of the last chapter completely (which means I don't have to rewrite the whole thing--phew!). The plan is to read through it again and add some meat. Shouldn't take more than a couple weeks. We shall see.

I've researched and queried agents. Rejections are already coming back, but I like them. These are really nice rejections. One day, a nice acceptance? Maybe? The right match is out there. I just need to find him/her.

As always, thanks for stopping by my cosmic corner.

I'm David, and my 8 Ball would rather not tell me.


  1. I tend to take a few wrong turns until, suddenly, the way becomes clear and I can't think why I didn't see it in the first place :)

  2. Hi David, I know what you mean. That my dilemma too. I'm finishing up my WIP, and I wonder which story to do next. I have first chapters written on 3 potential candidates, but which do I want invest days and weeks in first? Just not sure right now. So I'm at that fork in the road with ya.

    I guess I should go with the one that has the best chances for publication. :-)

    And thanks for the shout out! I've been to Isis' blog, but I don't think I've seen the others yet. I'll go do that today.

    Nice to meet you!

  3. Keep on truckin! We are rooting for you.

  4. I was debating the same thing after I finished Vampire Dreams. So I wrote down the two books I couldn't decide from and looked at the titles on my computer screen and found that I really wanted to write the Queen of Evil (middle-grade.) So just write down all the titles in a word document and let your heart guide you.

    Hey, I'd like to read Woven so if you ever need somebody else to read it and give you feedback I'd be glad to read it.


  5. Good attitude about the rejections! And your fork in the road sounds like you're just about to embark on another journey. Before you know it, you'll be in the crazy, mind-numbing, exhilarating process of finishing a first draft. There's nothing like it, is there?

  6. Staring at that picture of the two forks coming together makes my eyes go all squirly. I keep trying to figure out how one would drive on one side of the road and then realize you couldn't because the double yellow lines merge to one yellow line. Your only choice coming from one direction would be to head in the other direction.

  7. I agree with Jackson. If you ever need any more feedback on WOVEN...

    I'd like to see you work on THE DRAGON'S HEART, because it's a YA Fantasy, and since I joined the blog, I've seen you work on WOVEN, which was a YA Fantasy as well. So, THE DRAGON'S HEART would be cool, even though I really enjoy my share of Epic Fantasy.

    Also, the MG series idea would be a good idea to start, just to get somewhere with it.

    I would say try to work simultaneously on THE DRAGON'S HEART and your MG series, to get the shorter stories out of the way to get to the Epic Fantasy.

    But, your decision.


  8. It's paradoxically a simple and complex question, and one I wrestle with often myself. Ultimately, I ask myself a.) which story do I really feel like writing right now and b.) while story is more appropriate for the current publishing climate. In the end you have to go with what feels right, but I find these two questions help:)

  9. How nice to feel you're almost done! Good luck on the querying. If you're not sure where to proceed, maybe take a few days off and read in the genres you're future works will be in? See if that nudges you along a particular direction?

  10. I tell myself I will work on everything simultanously, which amount to working on nothing. At least this summer. What I usually do (in non-summer months) is make one project the dominant one and do little things with the others (read throughs, some development, a revision here or there).
    Good luck with your projects. And I am quite familiar with the rejections, too. I like your attitude!

  11. I'm in the same boat right now. One ms is on submission and I just sent the second to my agent. Now, while I'm stuck in Waiting-land I have to decide what to focus on. It would be imprudent to work on any sequels, so I have to decide which WIP is the best use of my time and energy at this juncture. Not an easy decision.

    Remember that patience, diligence, and perseverance are the keys to success.

    Thanks for the shout-out. It's my first and I'm truly grateful. I've been to Doralynn's, but I'll check out the others.

    Great to meet you!

  12. Oh the blasted forks. I wish there were bright, flashing neon signs that said, "This way!". I usually stop and scratch my head awhile. Sometimes I decide to exert my independence and go with my eyes closed (I usually run into something hard, like a rock or a tree).

    Hey, at least you have ideas to choose from! I say a fork is better than NO fork :)

  13. David - it's always a pleasure to visit your blog. Agh - the terrible fork in the road. I am terrible when it comes to patience but when it comes to my writing I really try to stop and think before I go. I want to go down the fork that is going to do me and my writing the most good!
    You will definitely find an agent for WOVEN, I am sure. I know I haven't read it, but it sounds SO GOOD! The right agent is out there. Patience is the hard part!

  14. With my writing, I try to plan out ahead of time where I'm going next. It doesn't always work out the way I plan it, of course, but it's nice to know where I think I'm headed!

  15. Thanks for the shout-out! Good luck on deciding what to do next. Just do a coin toss...with a three-sided coin.

  16. I'm at a split in the road too, so I know exactly how you feel :) Good luck!