Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aspiring Advice: Writer vs. Author

I thought this was a post about Writers vs. Authors. What's with the Batman symbol?

Once again, I had one heck of a trippy dream, and I have to give Batman Begins credit for incorporating itself into my subconscious. But it also made me think. Writers. Authors. Is there a difference between the two?

According to this, there is, but then I wondered. There's several definitions out there. My favorite is this one, where writer and author are synonymous (someone who writes (books, stories, articles or the like) professionally). The difference? Anyone who can jot characters down is a writer while an author is someone who originates, completes, and publishes something.

Can you be an author and not be published?

That's where Batman comes in.

We watched Batman Begins the other night for jolly's sake and then went to bed. I lay there thinking about the new book I have just finished and went through that normal feeling of doubt, of the anticipated rejections that are sure to come. Then, sometime, in the middle of the night, I had a dream that went something like this--

Who are you?
My name is Liam, but I speak for your subconscious, the part of you that feels undervalued, the part of you who can offer you a reminder.

 What makes you think I need a reminder? 

Someone like you is a writer by choice. You have been exploring words and sentence structure, but of all your ideas and accomplishments, you still doubt yourself. 

And what reminder can Liam offer? 

I am a part of you who shares a love for stories and wishes to share them with the world. A reminder that becoming published is possible.

You're just a dream.

No, no, no. Dreams are unconscious ramblings that build a writer’s imagination. They can be forgotten, or ignored. But, if you take notes, make yourself more than just a writer, if you devote your time every day, and if you never give up, you become something else entirely.

Which is? 

 Author, Mister King.

I had a conversation with Liam Neeson . . . in my sleep.


In the end, it's about attitude. If you work passionately, think professionally, and are CONSTANTLY VIGILANT . . .

 (Thanks, Moody . . .)

 . . . then you're an author to me, on the shelf or not.

Are you a writer or an author? Are they the same or are they different? Is this topic lame, inane, or insane?

I'm David, and should I watch The Dark Knight now?

REMEMBER! This Monday, I have a title announcement to make for my latest project. It'll be a virtual party, so bring virtual donuts and some assorted virtual juices. 


  1. Love the Batman reference! And so true!

  2. It took me forever just to call myself a writer and I still struggle with that sometimes. For me, confidence isn't the problem. It's maintaining a reasonable level of it. LOL :D

  3. Well, then, I'm an author.

    This topic was insane!

    You should watch the Dark Knight now.

    Can't wait for Monday's post.


  4. Lovely post and your pictures are great, too. Made me smile. For years I've had stories running around in my head but until a little over a year and a half ago I never tried to put them down on paper. What a difference it made. And so much fun. I'm afraid I'm addicted now.

  5. You are hilarious! I love the dream and I love Batman Begins. Oh yes! The dream rocks and I'm glad you shared it with the rest of us. I think there is a difference in a writer and an author. It's important to finish the race. Awesome blog! Can't wait for more. :) I'll be ready for the virtual party with my virtual confetti and donuts!

  6. Love this! It sounds like you and Liam got along swimmingly. :) I think this is a great explanation of the difference between a writer and an author. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  7. This blog is so fun to read. Very creative! I guess I waited until I had an agent to call myself an author...but everyone else called me that as soon as they learned I'd finished a book. So its pretty subjective, apparently.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  8. Hehe. I thought I was the only one who had these kinds of dreams!

    I call myself a writer because for some reason I don't feel entitled to say author until my first book is published. Is that silly? I don't know.

    Fascinating post!

  9. I LOVED that! (ps I also love Liam)

    Your dreams are way cooler than mine. Mine dreams usually consist of zombies/crazies/[insert-insane-creature-here] chasing me.

    I think there is a difference between writer and author, and I agree with you (and apparently Mad-eye). I don't think you have to be "published" in order to be the latter.

  10. Oh, I love virtual donuts.

    It took me a long time to call myself a writer (I just barely started to write it done in the profession line of my paperwork), but to write author is a whole different thing. I think it will take me forever to get that one down. =)

  11. Hey David! I gave you an award on my blog today! :) Go check it out.

  12. Ha! Hilarious! :D I wish I could say I had crazy dreams, but I don't. I always forget them when I wake up.

  13. I call myself an author because I have had stories and poems published, and I self-published my MG fantasy that will be coming out on Kindle soon. But I'm searching for an agent and commercial publisher for two other books i've written for children. Will that make me more of an author? I don't know. But it will sure make me happy! -:)

  14. I consider authors and writers to be the same publishing required so long as you write and write a lot. And yes, batman rocks and will come out next year!

  15. Found you on Abby's site-Woo Hoo, Abby. Love your site!

    We just had a discussion the other night about who would win-and pitted Batman against quite of few people in the comic universe. Sorry to say my son didn't think Batman would win against too many people.

    I just started admitting to people that I'm a writer, so I won't go near the author thing anytime soon.

  16. This is absolutely incredible. I wish I had conversations with Liam Neeson in my sleep.

  17. That would be the coolest dream to have. Sheesh, a dream about being a writer, that would just be awesome.

    (On the Batman subject) I love Batman Begins. When I saw Dark Knight I was kinda disappointed, saw it again, it was okay, saw it a third time and I liked it. But it still can't beat the first, there's just something about that movie.

    I range between being an author and a writer. Which sorta sucks. I can be a writer for years and then just last week I was an author. Yeah, it's kinda fun.


  18. That is the best dream ever. I wish Liam would come to my bed at night.

    Liam is wise.