Thursday, July 7, 2011

End Hiatus: The Return of the ... King?

All right, everyone. The overlong hiatus is at an end, and I have to tell you--I feel a lot like Viggo in that picture. Why? The WiP is DONE! It's battle-cry time, people!

The drafting--finito. My brain--kaputs. As it should be.

This is my 7th book, finished at 2:30 AM--on the 7th!

I'll be honest. I missed the blogosphere, and it's going to be a long time before I update myself on everything you guys have done. In fact, be a pal and comment a brief update on what you've done in the last six weeks, if you're so willing. That would help me immensely!

So what's next, Mr. Deserter?

The fun part! There's several things in motion right now that I'm really excited about. Had a few headshots taken for the blog and facebook, and my genius of a sister-in-law is helping to design a concept cover for the WiP. There's a query letter and a synopsis to draft and a list of Beta readers to consider. After a short break, I'll read through the whole thing and trim it to a five- number figure. YA over 100K words is not an easy sell.

Since this is a collaboration, it will be a while before I can announce the title (when the copyright becomes official), but I can provide some fun statistics!

WiP - Unannounced YA Fantasy Novel
Approx 104,910 words
Passive sentences = 0%
Reading ease = 86%
Reading level = 4th Grade and up.

(Want to know about readability statistics? Click here.)

So, yeah! Meesa back, everybody! Everything I mentioned is tentative and subject to change. Look for the rundown of this writing journey/lesson on Monday.

I'm David, and someone launched fireworks at 4 AM!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your WIP! :)

  2. Congrats, David, and welcome back! I'm actually on a bit of a hiatus right now myself, but wanted to welcome you back anyway. :)

    As for the last six weeks, well, I wrote a book! Ha ha, well, almost. I held June Novel Writing Month on my blog and got almost my entire first draft done. I should finish it by next week! It was crazy, but enough planning ahead of time made it possible.

    Again, congrats on your finished novel!

  3. Congrats! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Good luck with the YA sell over 100k. It's not impossible!

  4. Huzzah for finishing! I can't wait to hear more about it. :D Glad you're back in the blogosphere. I was fed up with loving ideas and realizing after the first draft that they weren't that great. So in JuNoWriMo I wrote four 50k novels with the hopes I would find one or two I loved. I did!

  5. Ha! I love the 0% passive sentences. I can't say I have that in my WIP, but the passives are purely dialogue at least =).

    104 thousand words. Thats...a lot. Wow. Well, I've written probably 10,000 or a titch more while you have been away. I'm very very close to being done with my WIP. YEAH! Of course it's the revision part that's the killer for me.

    But who knows, maybe I'll enjoy it this time around. =)

  6. PS. Viggo, er uh, Strider/Aragorn, is my hero. Just sayin'. He's the best.

  7. Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. I'd love to be a beta-reader.

    I haven't done much writing in the last few weeks, more preparing for my 12-week work break starting in September. Mock cover done. Blurb 90% there.

    Ellie Garratt

  8. I would be HAPPY to be a beta reader. :-p


  9. Citing Lord of the Rings means another level up for nerds everywhere. Congrats on making your brain mush! Who knew committing the imagination to computer would be such a pain?

    I'm in edit hell(all deserved criticisms by my critique partners) but cheating on said edits with side projects.

  10. What are the titles of all the books you've written?


  11. 7 novels!!! That is insane! Congratulations, man.

    I haven't been up to much, movies and stuff, procrastinating, but I just got back on seriousness of writing. So check my blog, I'm nearly halfway through Vampire Dreams.


  12. Shallee, Madeline, Kathryn, Steph, Ellie, and Jackson - Thank you for filling me in. I'm glad to hear of your progress. I'll make a visit to each of your blogs soon. Keep it up! :)

    Emily, Eagle - thank you both!

    Matt - I have a few titles on my progress bar, but the I'm holding back on the others for now. They need to be thoroughly rewritten.

    This one will never see the light of day:
    "Cabbaged Eggs and the Meaning of Life."

  13. All respect I had for you went out the window with a quote from Jar Jar Binks.

    Just kidding...congratulations on your milestones.

  14. Michael - I knew that would come back to bite me. :) Thanks for keeping me in check.

  15. I love Viggo *sigh*

    Glad to know others go "in-hiding" from the Blogosphere while writing :) I find it too difficult to manage all AND a full time job - and let's face it, writing takes precedence!

    Congrats on finishing! follower ;D

  16. Congrats and welcome back! And I'm a sucker for Lord of the Rings. Especially Aragorn. And Legolas. *sigh*